What is captcha and how to make money on it?


There are many ways to make money without leaving your home, namely, on the Internet. All possible online methods are divided into 2 types. On some sites, in order to make money, you need to invest money in advance, while on other sites you can make money without prior investments.

Beginners should take a closer look at non-contributory earnings, where start-up investments are not needed, and, which is very important, a lot of experience is not required. One of these good ways to make money is to make money on captcha.

Captcha appeared on the Internet in 1999-2000. It was created to distinguish real users from automated programs, and to protect servers from overloading. Such protection cannot be bypassed by an artificial program, and only a person can enter different register characters.

An ordinary person does not come across the concept of “captcha”, but when registering or entering the site, everyone encounters it.

Captcha types

1. Captcha, which consists only of text. It can be Latin or Russian letters.

2. A code consisting only of numbers.

3. When letters and numbers are mixed, it means that this is another type of captcha. Then all symbols (letters and numbers) are mixed. Then the combination options become much more, and such captchas are more common.

4. Also, figurative captcha is widespread among the sites. It is an image, or a series of pictures, which depict objects, often road transport.

5. This type of captcha differs from the others in that in the window that pops up on the monitor, in order to further view the content of the site, you need to solve a simple math problem.

If you decide to make money on captcha, then I am more than sure that you will need proxies for work: you can see private proxies, for example, on the site – you-proxy.com. I hope you will succeed – good luck in your work and good earnings!

How to make money quickly by entering captchas to the maximum

1. Time. Depending on the time of day, the entry fee also changes. The fewer people currently enter captchas, the more expensive captchas can be entered, the faster the growth of profits and money in your pocket. It is better to occupy sites at a later time of the day. Usually from 1 am to 5 am there are the fewest visitors to the sites, and there is an excellent chance to earn 1.5 times, and sometimes 2 times more on a simple input of characters.

2. Reputation. It is worth immediately paying attention to online sites where correctness is appreciated and points are entered. For example, many Internet services value the correctness of the entered captcha, and for every 100 or 1000 they give 1 point. This is a good move, because such actions motivate you to work without mistakes and take your task seriously. For a certain number of points, you can climb a kind of career ladder, choose a convenient language, or even get higher-paid captchas.

3. Complexity. It is not worth guessing for a long time over one CAPTCHA if it is too difficult. Better to skip it, because time and wasted nerves are not paid. In these precious minutes, you can complete a couple of regular captchas and get more money.

4. Inaction. In your free time, you can easily enter captchas on phones or tablets. It is convenient and affordable. Rather than just sitting in line in vain, taking an elevator, or waiting for an advertisement in front of your favorite TV show, you can spend time with the benefit of your wallet.

5. Sending. In a computer program, you can significantly reduce the sending of your result, together with the buttons on the site, you can press Enter on the keyboard. If you do this every time, then a lot more is being done than it seems.

From the above article, we can conclude that you can really make money on captchas, but this is very time-consuming and hard work. There are many advantages, because such work does not require experience and initial investment.

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