What is cvv sites? 

With Visa and Mastercard you will find the 3-digit CVV Code on the back of your credit card. American Express has the 4-digit code on the front. CVV stands for Card Verification (or Validation) Code and is intended as extra security for credit cards. It means exactly the same as CVV shop which is short for Card Verification Value.

Enter CVV Code

Do you order something at webshop? Then you always have to enter your CV code if you want to pay with your credit card. Without the code, a webshop cannot charge the amount. Webshops ask for the following information:

  • Initial (s) and surname stated on the credit card
  • Card number consisting of 16 digits
  • Expiration date
  • CVV or CVV Code consisting of 3 digits

Always pay attention to the green lock in the address bar of your browser. Furthermore, the web address must https: // and not with http: // begin. The “s” stands for secure, so that your data goes through a secure connection. Is it not correct? Enter your information out and buy elsewhere.

Many people wonder whether iDeal and Paypal are more secure than a credit card. Of course, someone can intercept your credit card information if a connection is unsafe. And of course you will be shocked if it ever occurs, but you will just get the full amount back.

Paying with a credit card has advantages over iDeal. Most credit cards come with a delivery guarantee, so you get your money back if your order is not delivered. And if something happens to your new purchase (loss, stolen or damaged), you are entitled to a refund with the included purchase insurance.

Hotel reservation

When booking a hotel online, you must enter a CVV code. That seems strange. Because why would you fill in all the credit card details, while you only pay when you arrive at the hotel? There is a reason for that.

You pay in advance at most online stores. If you order a washing machine or barbecue, you will be charged directly from your bank account. You run a risk, because your order will only be delivered afterwards. In hotels it works the other way around. You book and pay when you arrive. Not you, but the hotel is at risk. If you don’t show up at the counter, the hotel may whistle for their money. That’s why they want your credit card information.

Hotels only use your credit card number as extra security in case you do not show up or cancel too late. In case of ‘lost time’ a no-show charge will be charged (at least the amount for one night stay). Your credit card will not be charged when booking, but used to:

  • Guarantee your reservation
  • Check if your credit card is valid / sufficient limit is available (pre-authorization)

No money will be taken from your credit card with pre-authorization. Pre-authorization means making a reservation. The hotel chain only checks whether the credit card is in your name, is not blocked and whether there is a sufficient spending limit. This sounds silly, but have understanding and trust. Hotels don’t want to have empty rooms (rightly so?).