What is fun about road cycling?

When I was very young, I happened to see a broadcast of the Tour de France on TV. I was shocked that Bicycles can be ridden as fast as motorcycles, and then I was instantly attracted by this sport.

Later, as I grew up, I also had a lot of time to do what I wanted to do. Riding a road bike was one of them.

I really enjoy the sound of the wind whistling through my ears while riding, the birds chirping in the woods, and the sun shining on my face. Although the cold air hurts my nose, I can feel the freedom than ever.
I was so annoyed with commutation on working day due to traffic jams. But when I started commuting by bike, the problem has been solved. Meanwhile bike to work means have an environmentally friendly commute, while doing something you love and being healthy. Looking at the irritable drivers, my bicycle and I can shuttle freely and I can always get to the company on time.
After desk working for a week, I am used to cycling to relieve stress. Especially you can get the satisfaction of conquering a climb faster or more skillfully than the time before. Moreover it’s great enjoy a cold beer that much more after a tough ride.
The same riding can also help me lose weight and maintain a good figure. Although cycling allows me to enjoy speed, my heart can become calm.

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At the beginning, I had always been riding alone, and then I gradually got to know many cyclists. We communicated with each other and exchanged bikes to experience the difference.
It is unavoidable that the longer you ride, the more related cycling kits you buy. The cycling kits I buy the most is cycling apparels. I tried a few famous brand, some brands are worthy of their names, while others are not.
I’m tired of buying cycling apparels from well-known brands at high prices, so I have always been looking for brands with great quality and affordable price. I strongly recommend Soukesports.It was 6 days after placing order I was notified the order was fulfilled that I received it. Happy.. Happy.. Happy..

Opened it up, it actually fits like the higher end kits I am use to but don’t want to pay for anymore. The seams are straight, there are no nasty hanging threads, the material is high end, the bibs have elastic straps. The arms and the bibs have good grippers, the jersey has a quality zipper and best of all the jersey fits when I am standing up and when I am on the drops on the bike I don’t have all the extra material in the chest area, it hugs me.

No I don’t work for this company, this is an honest review from someone who has been racing for 8 years, every discipline from road bike to Ironman to now Gravel. I have been given the best team kits and purchased some really bad ones. If you are on the fence the only thing you will miss, by not ordering is high quality for a fair price.

I just ordered a second one.

I am impressed.

Both of my orders were for CS1106 jersey cut and BS1606 bibs cut, www.souke-sports.com.

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