What jobs Medina can offer?

What Medina is?

Medina is a city in Saudi Arabia that has great religious significance. It is located in an oasis about 200 km from the Red Sea coast. Since this city is one of the most important religious centres in Arabia, during the holy month of Ramadan many tourists from around the world come to it, creating a high demand for workers in Medina.

Jobs in Medina

Work in Medina and Saudi Arabia in particular is very profitable and good. Saudi Arabia is known for its high salaries and good social services for those who work in that country. There is a shortage of both specialists and ordinary workers in Arabia, which has resulted in 1/4 of all working people in Saudi Arabia being foreigners. Thanks to this, Medina has a lot of vacancies for people with different education and opportunities. Despite the number of different workers from different countries of the region in Medina jobs hiring for Russians and Ukrainians is absolutely no problem.

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The most frequent and profitable job offers in Medina: Private driver, masseur, waiter, hostess, locksmith, plumber, dryer, builder, taxi driver, bartender, cook. Workers in these vacancies in most cases earn from $1,500 a month, which is a very good wage. Various specialists are also in great demand in Medina – doctors, nurses, nannies, nurses, maids. Engineering specialists, IT administrators, programmers, financial analysts are in great demand. n these areas, workers receive a higher salary, ranging from $3,000 to $9,000, depending on the institution, education, work experience and specific working conditions.

Who can work at Medina?

Most jobs require men and women between the ages of 18-22 and 45-50 with English proficiency, if they are in the service sector (such as waiter or massage) or without a mandatory knowledge of English (auto mechanic, electrician,

plumber). In most cases, knowledge of the Arabic language is not required – all documentation, records, textbooks and instructionsare in English. Frequently, staff members are offered accommodation, meals and transportation to their places of work. Work is required 5-6 days a week and 200 hours a month (depending on work and conditions). This and all of the above is a good indicator in the world labour market, so working in Medina is something to be looked at more closely.

What jobs Medina can offer?

Since Saudi Arabia’s industry is largely dependent on oil, this means that qualified workers in this field can be employed in almost any city, although Medina differs from other cities in its specialization. The city’s economy largely based on pilgrimage services, which provide many jobs for local residents and foreign workers in the service sector. Also popular are proposals for work in metal processing and car repair enterprises, pottery and carpentry workshops. Medina is the center of the area of irrigated (wadi, groundwater) agriculture; it grows mainly dates (most of the processed produce is exported), as well as fruits, vegetables and cereals, it means that Medina needs workers who can grow crops. So there’s a lot of work in Medina for people who want to do good work and make good money on good terms.

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