What Makes a Durable Wedding Ring


What Makes a Durable Wedding Ring

When buying a wedding ring, the design, stone and cut of the stone might be your priority. But looking for durable wedding rings that can withstand the strain from day-to-day activities should also be of equal priority.

A strong, durable material does not have to be ugly. These materials that are common wedding ring choices are also well known for their durability.

Top Choices for Durable Wedding Ring Materials

For wedding rings, malleability is of the utmost importance. Being able to bend, cut material and add intricate details to it is essential for it to be used in any kind of jewelry. But easily malleable materials tend to be less durable and prone to damage.

Durable material is resistant to chipping, breaking and scratches. By getting your wedding ring made with durable materials, it will become suitable for daily wear. The following are some durable materials that are great candidates for wedding rings.


Platinum is the top choice for wedding and engagement jewelry. This tough material, which was once used for military purposes, has a beautiful, elegant look that appeases several generations. Platinum jewelry is quite durable but can take on a lot of scratches over the years. The scratches can easily be removed by polishing.


Gold is another standard for wedding jewelry. Pure gold, or 24 karat gold, is very soft and cannot be used on its own. It is usually mixed with few other materials that affect its color as well as strength.


Palladium is another commonly used jewelry material. With its natural white color, it resembles platinum to a great extent but is less dense and more affordable. Palladium is quite strong, but can still show scratches.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel, a widely used material in utensils, has made its way into the jewelry industry owing to its durability. Steel is a very inexpensive material that is easy to care for. It can be polished in different ways to take on different finishes.


Titanium is a soft material that is extremely strong. It is widely used in heavy-duty industrial components, as it is known to be almost indestructible. It has now become a popular choice in men’s jewelry as it offers a unique look. Titanium is a hypoallergenic material that is highly scratch resistant. Its rigidity means that it cannot be resized.


The most durable material on this list is Tungsten. While tungsten is known for its use in filament bulbs, it has recently risen as a material for jewelry. Tungsten has a silvery look with a brilliant shine.

It is also hypoallergenic, hence an ideal candidate for jewelry. It requires little to no maintenance as the material is very hard. This hardness also is a drawback as tungsten rings cannot be resized easily.


Wedding rings can be very expensive. So you’d surely want one that lasts a long time. While day-to-day activities can deteriorate some materials, one smart purchase can ensure that your wedding ring lasts for years to come.

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