What should you visit when you go on a Dubai trip?  

It is difficult to choose a single spot in Dubai that is particularly gorgeous for a trip. It is a city family because of its light and beautiful buildings that are present everywhere and have been converted into restaurants and shopping malls. The best places are mostly difficult to choose from there. But the scope and requirements of visiting the dhow cruise Dubai and the desert safari are unlimited. People spend their hard-earned money in order to have a fun-filled trip. So you should go to such a place where boredom never comes near you. In order to kill your boredom and take you into the world of full-on enjoyment, these are the best points where you should go.  

The idea of a dhow cruise 

By looking at the Dhow Cruise Dubai, you realize how it was driven and modified day by day. It’s a huge boat-shaped structured restaurant that is improving itself with the passage of time. The dhow cruise is structured by taking ideas from the old days’ boats. Many traders used boats in past times. The dhow cruise is seeking a major attraction from its audience. It is the one place that is mostly visited by the people of Dubai. Besides it all, it is seeking a world-wide attraction due to its unique idea. In these old times, boats organized themselves into a well-defined restaurant pattern.

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 What are the types of a dhow cruise?

The answer is two. We offer two kinds of dhow cruises on Dubai land. It’s a master piece idea of the maker. Our travel agency deals with these two kinds of dhow cruises, which are:

  •  Creek and
  • Marina.

 Because the names of these are based on their locations in Dubai city, These add fun and charm to the dhow cruise. The Marina and Creek are beautiful, offering their viewers the old and latest Dubai scenes. Both are attracting and adding beauty to the Dubai city.

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Do we offer dhow cruises up the Creek?

We offer the creek dhow cruise on the land of Dubai, which makes it famous for visiting purposes. The creek’s side views are stunning in their own right.The weather also adds to the fun, by the way. Visitors that are fans of seeing old Dubai should go on the dhow cruise up the Creek. It is an antique piece giving knowledge about the old times. Our guides can also provide information regarding each building.

 Are we offering the dhow cruise marina?

 Yes, we are offering this type of Dhow cruise. It shows you the modern and latest version of Dubai. People have a keen interest in visiting places that are modern and master pieces of modern times, so this one is perfect and amazing in order to explore modern times. With each passing year, amendments are made to this and it makes it more and more attractive and popular among people belonging to all age groups.

The Concept of Desert Safari

The concept of desert safari has been trending since the old times. In this time where modifications are continuing to be introduced to each of our sites, The desert is comprised of only sandy soil. Under the blowing air, the scenes are quite attractive. Due to the unique idea and in order to remember the old concepts, the desert safari is the point of attraction. You can also choose an event and celebrate it there. Different show makers and for the shooting of songs nowadays, these sites are abundantly working on these sites. Different Bollywood songs, as well as Hollywood songs, are shot in the deserts. The concept and features of desert safari are so broad.

Are we offering desert safari trips?

We are offering these beautiful trips. Basically, we deal with these two packages, which are the full enjoyment packages. We offer fun-based desert safari tours. Different activities are also arranged there on the desert safari in order to give you an experience of the amazing and thrilling visit. We provide our best service to you, from picking you up to dropping you back at your residence. The buffet dinner along with the shows going live on the desert safari make this journey amazing. Tanoura and the shows of puppets there increase the charm of the land of the desert safari.

 Two types of desert safari trips are offered:

 There are two unique kinds of packages for Desert Safari that we are offering. It includes a

  •  Morning Safari.
  • Evening Safari.

 In order to enjoy the evening there, they offer the evening package with dinner included. The morning package includes the booking of at least two people. The morning package is for those people who are busy at night or have a part-time job. It starts up early in the morning, exactly at 5:30 am. Then the whole day of enjoyment on a desert safari turns on. The tour for our evening one package starts at 6:00 p.m. from our pick-up location.

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