What sports can you bet on online?

For those of you who are still searching for the perfect strategy for online betting, let me give you some alternatives that are always very efficient solutions for profit making while gambling. In this article I will talk about the best 3 sports betting online that you have to try if you want to get rich.


Cricket is one of the sports that does not appear very often on the screens of European bettors, but it is extremely popular and accessible in countries like India. Cricket is one of the best sports you can think of in this geographical region of the globe. If you want to place bets on all kinds of odds and predictions in cricket, you should use Casumo casino. You will find everything you need to be able to carry out your gambling strategy.

For those of you who are not familiar with the bets placed on cricket, but still encounter these notions all around them or on TV, cricket is a game very similar to that of baseball, promoted in America. The principles of the game are very similar, and the main rules for scoring and winning a game are very similar. For example, in each team there are players who have to hit a ball with a bat.

When the player has made a successful shot, they must make field runs. The team with the most laps is declared the winner. Each team has 11 players, and the middle of the field is represented by a 20-meter long portion of the field. The bets that can be placed on this sport are quite varied and it is up to you to find the winning formula or bet.

Sports Betting online-Horseracing

Sports betting online is more of an art than an attempt to force your luck in gambling. You need to know how to bet and when to stop in order to be profitable or to have the smallest losses. Horse racing is part of that category of sports betting online in which not only luck helps you win, but a complete analysis or even bets with higher chances of winning.

For starters, you should stop placing those bets that have the lowest chance of success and are based on zero viable arguments. For example, betting on a horse’s victory, where the bettor chose to do so only because he liked the way the horse looked or because the jockey was from the same country. These bets have nothing to do with the performance of the horses on the field they are running on or with the chances that they will have during the races.

Try betting on horses using different bets. Choose which horses will be placed in the first 3, or 4 positions. The higher the odds, the lower the chances of success. Then try to diversify your betting strategy by tackling more races. Don’t put all the money you have on one race, and one bet.


And I am talking about European football, not the American one. Football should be one of your options when it comes to sports betting online because in this sport you have the highest betting offers and among the best odds you will ever be able to tackle. In football, there are hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of matches that are played every day. Each country that hosts this sport has more than one league, and the ages of the teams are also divided into special categories.

In the game of football, the betting offers are so great that you will be able to be profitable just by applying simple betting strategies. What you need to do to win in this sport is to analyze very well the evolution of a team. The better you understand how a team behaves and what its objectives are, the more it is willing to do and how it will evolve in each match.

The types of bets in a football match can start from the victory of one of the teams, the number of goals scored, yellow or red cards, attack or defense actions, and from here, the bets can have hundreds of variations. Many of them are winners in every match, so it is important to analyze very well all the details that a match offers you.


These are 3 of the most profitable sports to bet on when you want to be profitable in the long run. If you want to do this out of passion, the sports I presented above have the ability to give you the adrenaline you are looking for, and at the same time, they can make sports more beautiful. A placed bet means a more intense match.

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