What to Do With Old Water Filters

The America Recycle Day is a day that all Americans should celebrate. It was created in 1997 as an initiative of the National Recycling Coalition, and since then it has spurred residents to embrace recycling more than ever before! This year there will be events happening across America on November 15th where people can learn about how important recycling really is for our environment.

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Why We Should Recycle?

Protect The Environment

Recycling is the ultimate way to protect our environment.

Mining, quarrying and logging all have extraction processes that harm both water quality as well as air quality with pollution from these raw materials- but when you recycle your used items for new ones this option saves energy while also preventing problems like mine runoff into streams or abandoned mines filling up with rainwater logging local land leaving them unable to sustain life because it’s too heavy on top of everything else.

Protect The Wildlife

With our addiction to plastic, the oceans are being polluted at an alarming rate. Reports show that if this trend continues for much longer then it could lead into bigger problems with humanity itself as well.


The process of recycling involves less energy than it’s counterpart, which is why we should consider the option. More importantly though: what will happen if all materials were recycled? What does this do for our planet and its inhabitants in regards with resource use on a global scale?”

“The manufacturing method utilizing reclaimed-resources requires far fewer calories from fossil fuels or clean renewable sources like solar power as compared to those created through entirely new raw-materials excavation; transport/shipping out into industries where they’re used up (often times these processes.

How to Reduce Waste

Avoid Plastic Bottles

Avoiding bottled water is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save the Earth from plastic waste. Bottled soft drinks are one of the largest contributors in terms of sheer weight, but also because they contain chemicals such as aluminum which can leach out into our waterways when we recycle them back onto landfills or let them sit around at sea for too long.

The Earth Center reported that over 33 million tons worth ( per year) ends up getting thrown away due just this issue- with only 6% being recycled!

The RO (Reverse Osmosis) water filter system is the best choice for those who worry about tap water safety. The quality of your drinking experience will never be compromised with this method!

How Do You Dispose of Old Water Filters?

Water filters can be a very valuable and necessary tool, but they also have an expiration date. In order not to pollute your water with old or unused chemicals it is important that you dispose of the filter correctly when recycling them so as avoid any negative environmental impacts from improperly disposed materials being ingested by landfill bacteria during natural disasters such as flooding events which would result in leaking cancerous fumes into our air supply due an early death caused by respiratory illness.

Businesses have been known to recycle their used filters, so it is possible that your manufacturer does as well. Make sure you reach out and ask about the recycling process before getting rid of these valuable items! If they do not offer a program or if there are no instructions available on how one should go about this task then let me give some pointers: first off all we need dry our old filter for at least five days in order get everything clean enough from bacteria infestation because wet environments tend towards breeding those types rather quickly; next put them inside an airtight container with lid(s)that can also withstand high temperatures.

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