What tops should I wear according to my morphology and my typical figure of a woman?

What tops to wear to highlight your figure? You have the choice between a wide range of tops for women: blouses, tank tops, t-shirts, tunics, blouses, bustiers, sweaters, or vests. But it is still necessary that the shapes, materials, or colors chosen are adapted to your morphology!

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Whether sleeveless or with long sleeves, curved or straight, in fluid material or thick fabric, short or long, in dark or bright colors, there are tops for all female silhouettes. You will therefore have to find the models of clothing appropriate to your morphology which will highlight your shoulders, your arms, and your bust. And of course, don’t forget the necklines (plunging neck, V, U, square, boat or round) to enhance a small or large chest and feminize the silhouette!

So to help you find the cheap tops boutique that will go perfectly with your body type, follow the guide and discover the trendy tops according to your morphology.

Which top for which morphology?

Choosing your tops according to your morphology is essential to sublimate your silhouette. This makes it possible to highlight its natural assets and camouflage certain defects. Feeling good in your clothes is essential to boost your self-confidence. Do you find that your shoulders are too broad or, on the contrary, too narrow? Are your breasts too generous or too small? Depending on your body type, discover the types of tops you need to maximize your potential.

If you are not sure of your morphology, do the morpho test!Test: What is my morphology?

Which tops should I choose for my figure?- What tops for X-shaped morphologies?

Choose colorful, patterned, or striped tops! As you are thin, you can afford it, enjoy! On the cut side, opt for close-fitting tops with a V-neck, boat neck, or stoup that will enhance your bust and bring volume to your chest.

Learn more about tops for my X body shape.

What tops for H-shaped morphologies?

Empire-shaped tops, fluid straight tops, or even slightly loose-knit sweaters will suit you admirably well. Depending on your tastes and desires, you can wear your tops either with a tight belt at the hips or tucked into your jeans, pants, or low-waisted skirt. Learn more about tops for my H body shape.

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What tops for O body types?

For your tops, go for tops in fluid material that hug the shapes without emphasizing the belly. Opt for the square or U-shaped collar which will elegantly highlight your chest. If you are complexed by your arms, opt for tops with ¾ sleeves. And remember to favor light colors for your tops and reserve dark colors for your bottoms!

What tops for V body types?

To minimize your build, favor tops in dark, plain colors and in a fluid material. Choose your tops with very thick straps, raglan armholes, or batwing sleeves. These types of clothes will visually soften the shoulders. The peplum and kimono tops will feminize your figure.

Which tops for A-shaped morphologies?

As your goal is to draw attention to your bust, take the opportunity to fall for light or bright colored tops with details: ruffles, frills, jabot collar… Opt for vaporous printed blouses, blouses with puffed sleeves, and boat neck boutique shirts for women The watchword: have fun!

What tops for figure 8 body types?

To highlight your pretty chest and your waist, choose fitted tops and wrap-over tops in a fluid material. These types of tops that are worn close to the body will be perfect for your figure of 8. Opt for V or square necklines that enhance generous breasts. And remember to tuck your top inside your pants, jeans or skirt to respect the lines of your silhouette.

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