What You Should Know About Courthouse Weddings in Dubai


What You Should Know About Courthouse Weddings in Dubai

Courthouse wedding in Dubai also goes by a couple of other names. This includes civil wedding ceremony and court marriage in Dubai. A civil or court marriage in Dubai is non-religious, but it is legally recognized in the country as a marriage ceremony. It is performed by a marriage officer from the Dubai Court or any other authorized person.

Many elements that are identified as crucial parts of traditional weddings can still be included in court marriages in Dubai. Among such are including favorite floral arrangements in the ceremony and preparing your vows.

 How does a courthouse wedding in Dubai differ from a traditional one?

The big difference between the two is that only a few traditional expectations apply with courthouse weddings in Dubai like a large guest list and a lengthy ceremony. A court marriage in Dubai offers couples the opportunity in simplifying the planning process. The ceremony for a courthouse wedding is always kept personal yet intimate.

What are the legal requirements for courthouse weddings?

The key legal requirements to get married in a courthouse in UAE are as follows:

  • Marriage contract has to be processed for registration with a UAE Sharia court
  • Couple’s attendance
  • Attendance of the father of the bride and two Muslim witnesses
  • Premarital screening certificate
  • Legal age for court marriage (18 Hijri years)
  • Consent of guardian of the bride
  • No objection certificate from consulate or embassy of the Muslim bride if the father isn’t a Muslim

What are considerations to take for courthouse weddings?

Deciding to opt for a simpler and more budget-friendly court marriage in Dubai is a choice that you as a couple would want to discuss. Although holding a courthouse ceremony is the best option financially, there’s a couple of other considerations that you should discuss with your partner before taking on this route. You would know the right decision when it reflects you and your partner’s shared values and preferences.

Some of the questions that you need to ask yourself include the following:

  • Do you want the ceremony to be an elopement, one that doesn’t need others to present?
  • Are your family and friends supportive of the marriage even when they are not invited to the wedding?
  • Are the opinion of family and friends important to you?
  • Will you look back ten years later and deeply regret not having the traditional wedding ceremony?
  • Are any of the guests at a high risk for acquiring a contagious illness?
  • With the risks of spreading coronavirus during the gathering and infecting guests that are immuno-compromised, is it safe to host family members and friends at the event?

Tips for a Budget-Conscious Courthouse Wedding

There are various ways to tailor court marriages in Dubai to your tastes. So many Instagram or Pinterest-worthy details that we adore can still be added into courthouse weddings. For instance, there is no reason why you’re not able to have beautiful stationery when inviting friends and family for the wedding. Here are a couple of simple and budget-conscious ways in making your courthouse marriage in Dubai feel special:

  • Dress comfortably

You may be wondering what brides and grooms wear during courthouse weddings. If you want to splurge for your wedding attire, it is most definitely possible! However, with civil weddings, spending tens of thousands on wedding attires is not really an expectation. Find clothes which speak to your style. You can even ask your family members for hand-me-downs!

  • Gift floral arrangements to your guests

For setting the mood, place a basket of boutonnieres and corsages by the entrance of the courtroom for your guests. It will add an extra touch of romance in the room. The florals can even act at the party favors for your guests.

  • Ask guests to take lots of pictures

Civil ceremonies happen in just a couple of minutes rather than an hour, which is usually the duration of Catholic marriages. Ask your guests in using their smartphones to capture candid photos. They can be your videographers during the big day. As you and your future spouse get ready for the ceremony, have them take pictures, too! Guests are always more than happy to help in capturing memorable moments.

  • Arrive in style

In order to make the special day even more memorable, book a luxury car to and from your wedding ceremony. An alternative is having a limousine or hiring Uber Black for that extra touch of luxe and a VIP treatment.

  • Plan a post-ceremony celebration

Making plans for the post-wedding ceremony celebration will help mark the momentous occasion that only happens once in a lifetime (hopefully). For instance, you can walk down the memory lane by hosting the dinner at the place where you had your first date with your spouse. You must need dua to get married soon.

If you want to know more about the legal aspects of courthouse marriages in Dubai, consult with the marriage attorneys of Dubai Court Marriage today!

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