Which Is Better White Sapphire or Diamond?

If you’re considering buying a gemstone, the question of how to choose between white sapphires vs diamonds may come up. Both of these stones are gorgeous, but white sapphires lack sparkle and are less expensive. Read on to learn about both gems, and their advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your preferences, you may want to buy a diamond ring instead. You may also want to consider the lower cost of a white sapphire, since the former is typically cut to a sloppy standard. A skilled cutter costs more, as does the time and effort required to craft a rough stone.

Less sparkle

The main difference between a diamond and a white sapphire is that the latter has less sparkle. The white sapphire, on the other hand, has a high refractive index. Thus, they have a low fire. But this is not a serious concern for most people, since the stone’s true appearance is evident in any setting. However, you should still be aware of some important tips to avoid damaging the gem.

White sapphires are not graded by the GIA. The report of a GIA lab includes the 4 C’s and basic details about the stone. However, there are other characteristics of white sapphires to consider as well. While diamonds have a grading system, there is none for white sapphires. In addition, a sapphire’s color is subjective and cannot be measured by the conventional system.

More robust

One of the most common questions asked by consumers is “Are white sapphires more durable than diamonds?” The answer is yes, but there are some important differences. Sapphires are harder, more robust, and have a higher resale value than diamonds. They also require less maintenance and cleaning than diamonds. However, they are not inherently more ethical than diamonds. Diamonds, for example, are linked to more human rights violations, such as funding civil wars in Angola and Zimbabwe. The ethical status of diamonds varies, but Canada’s standards are generally higher than those of white sapphires.

Although white sapphires are harder than diamonds, they are not as resilient to chipping and scratching. A bezel setting will protect your precious stone from any sharp or abrasive edges, which are prone to damage. Regardless of the material and shape of your sapphire, your jeweler can point out individual considerations for each stone. This is a common question, but a white sapphire’s durability will depend on how you use your gemstone.


While white sapphires and diamonds are both colorless gems, they have slightly different properties. While both gems are translucent, they differ in fire and brilliance. White sapphires are more translucent than diamonds and tend to look best when paired with a clean background. Depending on how you treat them, they can be slightly blue or green in color. White Sapphire Vs Diamond for Engagement Rings are both popular options for engagement rings.

One major difference between a diamond and a sapphire is cost. While diamonds are more expensive, white sapphires are much more affordable and abundant. They both have excellent clarity and are extremely durable, which is important when purchasing jewelry that will be worn daily. While diamonds sparkle brightest in photos, white sapphires also have a high shine. This difference is the result of refraction, and you should know which is more appealing to you before buying a diamond engagement ring.

Less rare

Though diamonds are the most expensive gemstones, they are not nearly as rare as white sapphires. These gemstones differ in color, clarity, and carat weight, and they are not graded by GIA. Instead, they are graded based on their physical appearance, color, carat weight, and treatment. Unlike diamonds, their color cannot be quantified or graded objectively, so sellers are eager to sell them as quickly as possible.


Because white sapphires are not as rare as diamonds, they are still a worthy alternative for engagement rings. Although white sapphires are not as valuable as diamonds, they do have cachet. You can use a white sapphire instead of cubic zirconia, and buy a larger stone. Furthermore, you can choose to set it in a more expensive metal like platinum or white gold.

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