Why are Marijuana Seeds So Expensive


I understand seeds are seeds and they should be cheap, but why are Marijuana seeds so Expensive? We will start off this discussion by first understanding how marijauana seeds are produced. 

First of all, when seed production is being done for this crop, all other things that can be reaped out of this plant will be sacrificed. Marijuana plants that are used for seed production, would have fewer quality buds compared to a female plant that is focused on bud production. Hence, in this process the only product that can be sold and returned on investment for the seed company is the seed itself. Meaning all the time and effort to grow a fully mature marijuana plant that is capable of producing top-quality marijuana seeds that can eventually produce those top-quality buds.

Well, that is just the tip of the iceberg, aside from all that hustle and bustle in constantly caring and tendering to the plant, the next reason that adds to its value is genetics. These marijuana strains have been interbred with each other forming strains that have become a favorite among many growers and consumers. The work and time needed for these strains to be bred successfully and really getting the wanted results are not as easy as you think. This requires years and years of experience just to fully understand the concept around it and many more years to perfect and produce those marijuana strains that are potent and can be reproduced consistently.If you want to know where you can buy weed online in Canada, you can check out the official website of Grasslife.

Different types of Marijuana Seeds

Regular Cannabis Seeds

These are your good old standard cannabis seeds. This is what you directly get when your females get fertilized by males and end up producing seeds. Regular seeds have a 50:50 chance of becoming a male and a female marijuana plant. Take note that only a female marijuana plant can produce those potent and huge buds that we are after. Also, Marijuana plants grown from regular seeds are photoperiodic plants which means they rely heavily on the light cycle for them to flower or produce buds. A standard 12:12 lighting should do the trick when the flower is ready and mature. Out of all the marijuana seed types, regular seeds are still the cheapest among the rest, but of course still dependent on the strain you are looking for as some old classics have never been messed with and still remain to be regular seeds until today.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized Seeds are very identical to regular seeds in terms of growth patterns and pace. However, the only major difference is that feminized cannabis seeds can guarantee up to 99% of the time that you will only be getting a female marijuana plant, who will eventually produce those potent and huge buds that we love.  This marijuana seed type is the most expensive out of them all and it also has the highest demand. Feminized seeds are what commercial growers use in their operations the same with advanced and experienced growers. Not only will you be guaranteed with the highest quality buds that the particular strain can offer but will also deliver in terms from https://greenhealthdocs.com and the number of buds produced.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering strains are hybrid crossbreeds between a particular strain and a ruderalis strain. Cannabis Ruderalis is a unique cannabis species that has the characteristics of being able to flower based on age and not based on the light schedule. These are also a bit pricey to purchase but are the easiest to grow among all the different seed types. Autoflowering Marijuana seeds are highly recommendable for new and beginner growers as this seed type will not require any special techniques and less tendering but will still produce high-quality buds. However, due to how fast autoflowering strains grow and mature for harvest, its yield is expected to be smaller than other seed types.

High CBD Seeds

Due to the recent wave of legalizations, medical marijuana has blown up massively. There are more people now consuming marijuana than ever, however, the majority of patients who require marijuana as medicine prefer high CBD strains, as this will not get you high or not too high for that matter. CBD is the 2nd most prevalent cannabinoid in marijuana that delivers high-value medical benefits that can treat or alleviate symptoms and conditions experienced by the users. With low counts of THC or no THC at all, High CBD strains can be taken without the worry of going through that euphoric and mind-altering high that recreational users are after.

The Bottom Line

Like any other products out in the market today, higher quality items means higher values which in turns brings prices up. It is true that you can easily get cannabis seeds anywhere, but we must remember that not all seeds are made the same. There are those that really possess the resiliency and the quality of a top shelf marijuana plant that you will surely enjoy if you go with only the best marijuana seeds that are available out there.

Furthermore, if you are planning to buy marijuana seeds online, always compare prices and make sure to only deal with a reputable seed bank with an extensive history in terms of seed production. This way you can be ascertained that you will only be getting high-quality and genuine cannabis strain seeds that are guaranteed to have high germination rates. From there it will be all up to the grower to tend and care for these strains to develop those effects as indicated in the strain specification of each seed pack you purchase. Even vape e liquid uk is now available everywhere.

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