Why You Need a Good Bookmarking App

It doesn’t take long to accumulate a mass of open tabs when browsing the web. The best way to save your favorite tabs and keep your browser tidy is to utilize a bookmarking tool. Every web browser has a built-in bookmarks feature that allows you to save links for future reference, but you can get so much more with a bookmarking app.

What’s a Bookmark?

Browser bookmarks, or favorites, are a built-in feature that lets you save web page links for future access without having to search the URL manually. A bookmark manager is a series of folders and sub-folders that keep all of your saved web pages organized. Bookmarking tools are the star-shaped icons you see on the right side of your browser’s search bar. When you click on the icon, your favorite web pages are automatically saved to the bookmarks folder.

Using the right bookmarking app makes browsing less cluttered and helps improve your workflow. A visual bookmarking manager is an easy and convenient means of collecting, organizing, and saving images, videos, files, and other visual content. Bublup offers a cloud-based bookmark manager that helps you organize your favorite web pages so you never lose important links. The powerful bookmarking tool allows you to organize and share your bookmark list as well as keeping all of your web content in a single app.

The bookmark manager lets you add custom titles, descriptions, and images so you can find your saved links quickly. You can import previously saved bookmarks from Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. You can also take advantage of a Chrome extension with extra features that help you discover and save new content. A mobile app makes it easy to access saved links and files on the go.

All Web Browsers Support Bookmarks

Excess tabs quickly become distractions during an intense web-browsing session. Every browser has a built-in bookmarking tool that allows you to save news stories, PDFs, attachments, podcasts, live photos, audiobooks, and more. Different web browsers have different favorite icons: Google Chrome features three vertical dots, Firefox has an icon shaped like books, and Microsoft Edge features three horizontal dots.

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Bookmarking tools eliminate the distractions of excessive open tabs by making it convenient to track, mark, and download sites. Saving tabs is sometimes known as social bookmarking. There are several popular bookmarking tools available. Instapaper saves and formats news articles so they are more readable. Pocket lets you save anything from your browser and other web apps like Twitter, email, and Flipboard and tag them. Pocket is a user-intuitive tool that works without an internet connection. Pinterest is a well-known visual bookmarking tool that allows you to create and organize pinboards. Evernote features a web clipper tool that lets you save and tag full or partial pages that are stored in notebooks. However, to really get the most out of your bookmarking experience, look into Bublup’s features.

Manage Your Bookmarks

Just like accumulating too many tabs is easy, it doesn’t take long to amass unorganized bookmarks. Web browsers feature additional bookmarks features to help you better manage your favorite web pages. Bookmark management features from Bublup make it easy to organize, save, and view your bookmarks. Get into the habit of creating folders for different categories of bookmarks and save each new web page accordingly. Your neatly organized folders and sub-folders can be marked with website icons and saved onto the bookmarks bar for faster access.

The best part about browser extensions is that when you are logged into any device, all of your saved bookmarks will be accessible. The best bookmarking tools allow you to sync your bookmarks between web browsers. Whether you use multiple search engines or decide to make a switch, you can take advantage of the bookmarks sync feature to import your old bookmarks to your new web browser. This means all of your folders and sub-folders will be imported, and you won’t have to worry about reorganizing anything.

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The best way to eliminate distractions, improve your workflow, and make it easy to find web content is to use a bookmark app.

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