10 Ways to Elevate Your Nightly Routine 

If you’re struggling to get enough rest at night, the problem could be your routine or lack thereof. The good news? By paying attention to the actions you take each night, you can easily fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more rejuvenated and refreshed.

Not sure where to start? We can help. Here are ten ways to elevate your nightly routine for better sleep.

1. Start a Skincare Regimen

Taking care of your skin has a multitude of benefits that far exceed reducing wrinkles or eliminating blemishes. By choosing a quality cleanser, moisturizer, and night serum, you can help improve your skin’s hydrating and reduce damage from contaminants. Find one that’s specifically designed for your skin type or talk to your dermatologist for suggestions.

2. Upgrade Your Pillowcase

Another option is to consider switching your bedding to include a silk pillowcase. Why? Silk pillowcases offer numerous benefits including less hair breakage, frizziness, and dryness. Plus, just about everyone can agree that the touchable texture is both cooling and relaxing. A special pillowcase can also help keep beauty and hair products from getting on your bed linens, too.

3. Stop Caffeine Early in the Evening

If you’re looking to improve your nightly routine for better sleep, consider stopping caffeine in the early evening. Most people who suffer from insomnia several nights per week likely engage in drinking some form of caffeine with or after dinner. Since the substance can remain in your system for several hours, there’s a good chance it is drastically affecting your sleep quality. Instead, opt for water, which is better for hydrating your skin, your health, and your body as a whole.

4. Consider Bedtime Meditations

If unwinding after a particularly difficult day is tough, consider using bedtime meditations as a part of your nightly routine. By doing this, you can help open your mind to relaxation and letting go of the worries of the day. There are a ton of great options on most streaming music platforms or you can download a specific meditation app to use.

5. Use a Sleeping Mask

Another tip to elevate your nightly routine is to use a sleeping mask. Most of us don’t realize what a big role light coming from outside street lights or from electronic equipment can impact sleep. Instead, opt for a light-blocking mask designed specifically for nightly wear. Some varieties these days even include built-in Bluetooth earbuds, making it simple to add that meditation or nature sounds for a deeper level of sleep.

6. Upgrade Your Mattress

If you’re still sleeping on a mattress from a decade ago, now is the right time to upgrade. Most are only designed to last a few years, but many people decide to keep theirs for a decade or longer. This is especially important if you suffer from chronic back or neck pain, as a worn-out mattress changes the position your body rests when you’re laying down. Buying new pillows or those designed for your preferred sleep position can also help.

7. Keep Your Phone in a Different Room

When it comes to falling asleep at night, it can be difficult to put your phone down and get some rest. Instead, opt to keep yours in a different room. This will help limit the temptation to scroll social media, check emails, or respond to texts. What if you use your smartphone as an alarm clock? Consider investing in an old-fashioned design, which still works just as great plugged into the wall as it did in the past. The only difference is you’ll be able to sleep better at night, making waking up the next day easier.

8. Ditch the Television

Much like keeping your smartphone in a different room, removing the television from your sleeping space is also a good idea. Most LED-TVs emit blue light, which can cause eye strain and make it harder to fall into a deep sleep. The sound from television is also highly distracting, which can make it more difficult to fall asleep each night. Instead, keep that television in your living room or away from your bedroom to ensure a better night of rest.

9. Use an Aromatherapy Diffuser or Spray with Lavender

In addition, using an aromatherapy or diffuser spray with lavender essential oil can really improve your nightly routine. Lavender has been used for hundreds of years to help improve sleep quality, which is why it is usually in baby bath soap and nighttime products for children. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, consider adding a few drops of oil to your sheets in the washing machine to give them an extra relaxing aroma.

10. Set a Solid Routine (and Stick to It)

Finally, the easiest way to elevate your nightly regimen is to set a solid routine and stick with it. By doing the same thing each night without fail, you can train your brain into getting to sleep mode a lot faster. This is a great tip if you regularly deal with insomnia or other relaxation issues on a regular basis.

Whether you want to feel a little more luxurious or simply crave a better night’s rest, these ten tips are all an excellent way to wake up more refreshed each morning.

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