Why You Shouldn’t Shy Away From Sharing Your Problems

You don’t have to fight all your problems alone. You might think that people will view you as someone weak, but this is where you are wrong. Sometimes, you just have to share your problems with people around you; it’s up to you to choose the details to share depending on who you are talking to. 

There are people around you who are your well-wishers and they deserve to know if there is something bothering you. There are also people who might not know you, but they would want to learn about problems. If you feel you would become vulnerable sharing your story, write it down and share it with The Doe to get it published anonymously. 

This means you won’t get judged by anyone and you will serve the purpose of sharing. You might be thinking if going through this effort is worth it. This article argues that there are many benefits of sharing your problems. 

Gives You Catharsis

We all need catharsis to feel better. Humans are emotional beings, and they have to share them every once in a while to stay healthy. Most people don’t recognize this, but you would notice a change in behavior when there are feelings inside you.

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Sharing your problems with people gives you an opportunity to process them positively. If they are not released properly, they might come out in a dangerous manner hurting you and the people around you. This is why sharing is caring, and you shouldn’t be shy about talking about your problems.

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Solve the Problem Faster

You might be able to figure things out on your own, but it is going to take some time. Compared with the help of others, you can get rid of the problem sooner. You don’t have to suffer extra time just because of your ego. 

You will get the support of other people and they will also share their experiences and solutions. You can try out their suggestions to get back to your life. Sharing is only going to make people connect to you and you will no longer feel alone.

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It Inspires Others

You might think that you are coming off vulnerable and weak. Every smart person understands that it takes courage and good self-confidence to accept that you need help and then ask for it. You won’t be judged but admired. 

In fact, it will also help many other people also going through tough times to get inspired by you. They will also adopt the habit of sharing to feel better and solve their problems faster. 

Helps Analyze the Experience

When you define your problem to others, you start to see it from a different perspective. You lay it out in a structure that helps you further analyze what you went through and what you learned from it. This helps you remember the lesson you learned from each other. You would try to express the problem to others in as easy words as possible, which also allows you to better understand it.