Women’s Footwear and Their Types     


Women’s Footwear and Their Types     

There’s a saying that a “Good pair of shoes takes you to great places”. And for women, footwear is an irreplaceable accessory more than a need. Haven’t we all dreamt about getting Cinderella shoes when we were young? 

Not just because you could get a handsome prince to marry you but how a pair of beautiful shoes can change your whole life in a good way. Unlike men, in branded footwear for women, there are numerous options. 

From flats to heels to different types of footwear for different occasions and footwear to match your outfit or a unique pair of shoes to lift your whole look, the list goes on. So if you are a footwear freak like me, then this article is for you.

History of women’s footwear

From the archeological evidence, it is found that footwears were used since the middle paleolithic period which is approximately forty thousand years ago. But it was nothing similar to the footwear we wear now. Modern footwear was invented a few thousand years ago. But women’s and men’s footwear were similar in fashion. 

The early 1800s is when women and men’s shoes started to look different. They brought differences in color, fabric, heel size, and shape. and later on, as the technology of shoemaking advanced, many different styles of shoes were introduced for women which were specially designed for enhancing the foot of women, and more than a necessity it became a fashion statement.

Types of women’s footwear

Women’s footwear is differentiated by the material it is made, sole type, and heel height. The main categories are as follows.

  • Flats and casual shoes 
  • Heels
  • Boots
  • Sports shoes

Flats and casual shoes

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are casual shoe flats that are classy and comfortable for daily use. These are inspired by shoes that ballerinas wear. It has little to no heal which makes it perfect for daily wear.

Flip flops

Flip flops are a must for every woman. It is the most comfortable and practical pair of sandals that have “Y” shaped straps to hold your feet and sole together. These are best for the summer season.


Sliders are similar to flip flops but have a wide horizontal band of straps instead of “Y” shaped straps. Sliders are also best for summers.


Oxfords are the formal shoes for women that have closed lacing. It is available in varieties of materials but leather oxfords are the most famous.


Mules are slip-on style shoes with no back constraints.


This is similar to mules but with closed-back constraints. It has a pointed toe.


It is ethnic footwear specially designed in India where the flat shoes are designed with beads, embroidery, and stones. There are many other flats designed in India such as kholhapuris and padukas. 



Wedges are the most comfortable type of heels you can wear. It is made of the same material from sole to heel. The heels are triangular.


Platform heels are similar to wedges but the heel is of the same height from toe to heel.

Block heels

Block heels servers both comfort and fashion. It has block-shaped heels that have a broad base that helps instability, support, and comfort. 

Stiletto heel

Stiletto heels are long, pointed, and slim heels which height can be from 1-5 or more inches. Stiletto heels cover a broad variety of other heels like the following

Kitten heels

It is specially designed for women who are not comfortable wearing regular stiletto. The heel height ranges from 1 to 3 inches.

Peep-toe heels

As the name intends, these heels have a small opening in the front the shoemaking the toes peep out. 

Slingback heels

Instead of a wide back covering the heel, only a string is attached to support the heel.


Below given are the different types of boots available for women.

  • Ankle length boots
  • Long boots
  • Lita boots
  • Army boots
  • Wellington boots
  • Thigh-high boots
  • Chelsea boots
  • Uggs
  • Cowgirl boots
  • Wedge boots
  • Timberland boots

Sport shoes


Similar to the sneakers for men, these were originally meant for comfort and ease of movement in physical activities like sports, running, exercising, dancing, etc. there are varieties of sneakers available on market from sports to casual according to your need. It is important to buy branded footwear for women when it comes to sports shoes.


Especially designs for balance, protection, and support. It is a multi-utility shoe.


Initially designed as basketball shoes but took a turn to be a fashion trend in the 2000s till now.

Running shoes

As the name describes, it is mainly designed in a way to protect your feet from injuries while jogging and running. It is a lightweight shoe.

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