You Should Not Pay Attention to These Grilling Myths

The grilling method is the oldest technique used to grill vegetables and meat for BBQ. For example, people marinate the chicken overnight and then grilled it on the direct flame of Kamado or griller to give it a robustly smoky flavour. There are many misconceptions about Kamado use but try first to make conceptions about anything. The best option to purchase Kamado is to buy from Kamado Joe Classic Sale and Kamado Joe BBQ Sale at low cost by discounts.

You should give a glance at the myths and relevant truths about Kamado Joe!

Myth # 1

Grilling Needs a Plenty of Time

Grilling is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of time to cook food thoroughly.


Once the charcoal got lightens, and the grill got red hotness, your BBQ will be ready within just ten minutes. So must avail the chance of Kamado Joe BBQ Sale.

Myth # 2

A Quick Rusting of Grill Grate

The grill gate rusts quickly and, after rusting, doesn’t give the maximum grip to heat and good taste.


Use a wire brush with water and soap to prevent the grill grate from rusting. If the grill grate has rusted, replace it with a grate of the same shape and size from the Kamado Joe Classic Sale.

Myth # 3

Impossible to Enjoy BBQ by Kamado in Rain

You can’t enjoy BBQ in the rain. Kamado gets rainwater to seep quickly into the charcoal portion.


The top vent tower is present to pack the Kamado tightly, and you can enjoy it in the rain. However, if you are more conscious, put it under a roof and make BBQ.

Myth # 4

Must Use Charcoal in Grill

You are bound to use only charcoal. In the charcoal grill, you can only fill charcoal.


You just need to use an energy source to generate heat; even you can fill wood in a charcoal grill for your ease.

Myth # 5

Blood in the Cooked Food

Blood got outflow even in cooked food, and it assumes like it is undercooked food.


The pinkish liquid is not blood; it is the combination of water and myoglobin (animal protein) that give pink colour, not red as blood.

Myth # 6

Use Gas Grill Instead of Charcoal Grill

The gas grill is faster and easy to use instead of a charcoal grill. It lightens up fast to give a hot flame.


The gas grill uses liquid propane as fuel, and the charcoal grill uses charcoal. It is because charcoal gives a better taste than a gas grill.

Myth # 7

You Can Only Turn Over Meat Once

You can’t flip your meat many times in the Kamado to check either it has cooked entirely or needs more time.


Flipping your meat, again and again, make it dry and hard. Put it once in grill and give a particular time required and get the delicious cooked food.

Myth # 8

The Marinade will Steep into Meat

Your meat will absorb all the Marinade, and especially you let it marinate overnight.


Just the surface covering of meat gets Marinade for taste.


It will help if you do not focus on the misconceptions generated by others. Try by yourself and then make a conception. Then, you should avail yourself of the chance of getting Kamado even at a low price with high efficiency from Kamado Joe Classic Sale and Kamado Joe BBQ Sale and give you the luxury of outdoor BBQs!

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