4 Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying Gold Coins

Whether you are looking for a personal investment or for a valuable gift for a loved one, gold coins are a perfect choice. They are bought a lot during festivities and special occasions like weddings for gifting purposes since this precious yellow metal holds a lot of value in our culture.

You can buy varying gold coins depending on your preference, as they come in different designs and dimensions. You can browse through the collection of gold coins at various jewellers to ensure you are getting the bang for your buck with pure and certified gold.

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Until then, here are 4 tips that you can keep in mind while buying gold coins online.


We all know that while buying gold coins, the most important thing to check is the purity of the metal. This can be understood by the weight percentage in the alloy that is measured in accordance with the 24K gold which is the highest form of purity.

The most common kind of gold coins bought is 22K gold coins since these are highly valuable, and are great for investment purposes.


To ensure the purity of the gold coin and to assure that you are getting exactly what you are paying for, there should be a hallmark sign on your gold coin. There are certain standards that are set by the governing bodies that mandate that gold coins meet that.

Checking for the hallmark on your gold coin will guarantee that you aren’t getting ripped off. If you go to a credible jeweller you are sure to have a hallmark sign on it.


Machines have taken over many things that were once done by the hands of craftsmen. This is what has happened with the making of gold coins as well but we all know that the skills of experienced craftsmen cannot be taken over by technology which makes them more valuable and expensive.

If you are looking to buy gold coins with intricate designs made by hand, then the making charges would be a little higher. On the other hand, if you are looking for an affordable investment option then going with machine-made gold coins is probably a better option.


Many don’t consider packaging to be an important factor while purchasing gold coins, but it is! While increasing the credibility of the jeweller, good packaging also ensures that you can resell your gold coins easily with a look as good as new.

Packaging that is of good quality can also keep your gold coin safe from adulteration and ensure its purity. Once purchased, it is advisable not to tamper with the packaging since that can decrease the value of your coin if and when you wish to resell it.

Where Should You Buy Gold Coins From?

Now that you have the understanding of how to buy gold coins online, let us look at where you can shop from. When buying something as precious as gold, the best place to shop from is places that are credible and trusted by many.

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