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Types of Lace Front Wigs

  • hair type
  • hair length
  • Type of lace
  • lace size

Types of Lace Wigs

Lace wigs provide the most natural look for any hairstyle you want to choose. This is becoming an approach for women who have lost or damaged their hair due to any disease, medication, hair care or chemotherapy. We bring you the different parameters of lace wigs so that you can dig deeper and choose the best one for you.

  • hair type
  • Length of hair
  • Type of lace
  • lace size

Hair type

Front lace wigs come in a wide variety, from human hair to synthetic hair and even both.

Human hair

The best thing about lace front wigs is that they give you the freedom to style your hair any way you want, while wigs made from natural hair will be the icing on the cake. When the lace wig you buy is made of human hair, you can perm or dye your wig at will. This means that when you buy a virgin human hair lace wig, you are actually buying an infinite number of possibilities. You can completely create the hairstyle you want according to your wishes. For example, colorful wigs and gorgeous body wave wigs.

Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair lace front wigs don’t require as much maintenance as human hair wigs, but they won’t last as long as natural hair.

Length of hair

Depending on the length of the hair, there are bob and long wigs to choose from.

Long hair wig

Lace front wigs are also available with natural long hair and are perfect for ladies who want to style their hair however they want without compromising their natural look.

Types of Lace

Lace front wigs come in different lace types.

Ordinary lace

Regular lace is brown, so it takes more care to hide it completely.

Transparent lace

Transparent lace is fragile, and like ordinary lace, the color is transparent. This transparency makes it appear imperceptible on your scalp.

HD Lace

As far as lace is concerned, HD lace is the best option on the market. It is Swiss lace, light, delicate and soft. It blends smoothly with the hairline and looks more natural than sheer lace.

Size of lace

Lace front wigs are also available in lace size options, increasing the size of the lace is directly related to the look of your natural hairline.

Closure wigs

It is becoming the most common ready-to-wear lace wig. Sheer lace covers the entire forehead and looks like a natural hairline running through it. It is about 5 – 5 inches or 4 – 4 inches long.

Ear to ear lace front(frontal lace wigs)

An innovative feature of the new wig, the lace extends from ear to ear, covering the entire forehead. This type of lace measures about 11 inches long. Thanks to the lace covering the front, this wig presents a seamless hairline that blends with the forehead.

Uncut lace front

Uncut front lace wigs are not ready-to-wear. They give customers the freedom to choose their own lace size.

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