5 sectors for Indians to pursue a career in the next five years


5 sectors for Indians to pursue a career in the next five years

In recent years, the world has been changing and readjusting to a much more digital demand. A process that has been running at a speed that has surprised us all. Despite the pandemic, each sector has continued with its digital plans, closing a chapter in which everything was more analog and opening its doors to a model from which we all have to learn something new.

Nowadays, India is one of the countries that leads the process of this readaptation of the various industries, thanks to the human talent it has. So, let’s take a look at the five sectors in which India will open new jobs to its population in the next five years.


India is the second-most populous country in the world, and according to the latest mobile phone data, it already has more than 850 million subscribers. These data indicate that business mobility in India is only gaining momentum with each new day, but creating new jobs. This is a growth rate that the United States experienced thirty years ago, so it is estimated that this sector of the country will soon be going through a new stage.

Gaming and casinos

One of the consequences of the pandemic and social distancing has been the increase in registered users of online gaming platforms. As a result, this new sector is now one of the most prominent in India, expecting growth of 113% over the next three years. This means new job opportunities for a creative field that previously did not find a place, such is the case of game designers, sound designers, and animators.


After India’s difficult days with the pandemic, in July this year, the government launched two plans to promote indigenous manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, key starting materials and drug intermediaries. To execute this plan, researchers highly trained in new technologies and capable of taking on these types of challenges are needed. With this big investment, the country plans to be prepared for any health emergency that may occur in the future.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Now more than ever, there is an urgent need to change supply chains, a direct consequence of living in a digital world that, without much control, speeds up all processes, making customers have higher expectations. That is why the government of India is also boosting domestic production, to grow rapidly in the logistics sector, which will directly benefit from e-commerce.

Back-end Developer

The Internet is the most important tool today. We cannot imagine a minute of our life without having access to it, either from our computer or our preferred mobile device. So behind every website and mobile app is a back-end developer. Therefore, it is a permanent job with a lot of benefits. As we can imagine and will continue happening in the future, all IT companies need back-end developers with solid knowledge of C ++, C #, or Java, so it is very suitable to consider getting a career in this field.

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