6 Ways to Add Zen in Your Condo Unit


Living in a big city has its perks and cons. You will be minutes away from shopping malls, restaurants, and your office. Essentials for your health, wellness, and comfort are within arm’s reach and whenever you please. On the other hand, a busy city can feel overwhelming and stressful. Especially in these times where the coronavirus looms, peace and wellness are vital factors of a safe and liveable home.

Since your home should be your haven, these five reasons might convince you to turn it into a zen sanctuary.

Softer Color Palettes

Softer neutrals and muted earth tones characterize zen decor. These color palettes create a sense of calmness and easiness. Use whites and soft neutral tones for your walls and larger furniture pieces such as your bed and sofa. Sandy beiges, grays, and browns are perfect for tables, chairs, and shelves. Use neutral colors for tables and chairs covers. Soft neutrals are also great colors to use if you want to follow Feng Shui advice and recreate the Earth element.

While zen interior is about undemanding color schemes, you can use dark and bold colors as accents to your neutral set-up. Pick bright colors found in nature–such as blue, green, red, black, yellow, and orange–to complement your soft, muted tones. For example, in some BSA Twin Tower units, the soft cream-colored walls are coupled with gold, which is a more intense yellow, and olive green drapes. Pieces such as small vases, pillows, and minimalist ornaments with these colors create a harmonious contrast in your space. 

More Open Spaces

Zen and minimalism always go together. Meaning, clean lines, simple pieces, and maximizing space are essential elements to recreate the Japanese zen ambiance. Widen your condo unit by introducing low-legged furniture pieces in your home. Pairing these minimalist pieces with your soft neutrals is one way to replicate the practical and simplistic Muji style of many Japanese modern homes.

You may also get inspiration from some of the living rooms in modern homes in the Philippines. They have square seating and a low coffee table placed on a large rectangular rug. Low bed frames and side tables are also perfect for this kind of setup.

Low-height furniture pieces expand space by shifting your view of the ceiling. They create the illusion of broader and higher areas, making them suitable for visually widening smaller homes such as condo units and townhouses.

Let the Light in

Open spaces are best maximized with a lot of light. A well-illuminated home creates feelings of openness, intimacy, and freedom. Since you will still be staying at home to steer clear of the virus, it is best if your home doesn’t feel cramped and gloomy.

If your home has large, wide windows, don’t keep them closed. Open them during the day to let the natural and warm sunlight inside. If you’re worried about your home getting toasty and bright during warmer seasons, place sheer curtains to minimize the blinding brightness while still allowing the breeze to circulate. The curtains may also block out harmful UV rays that may damage your skin and furniture pieces.

You may also incorporate decorative pieces in your home that may help distribute the light throughout your unit. Mirrors and minimalist chandeliers with crystal accents may help reflect the light to brighten up your home.

Letting the light in your home means you will have a brighter and happier environment to enjoy the things you love. And true to harnessing nature and zen, you have a natural light source that helps boost your wellness and productivity. You also appreciate the simplicity and the power nature has in your life.

Maximized Use of Nature

Nature is a vital part of Asian zen decor. Most zen interior designs use wood, stone, and soft fabrics to create a natural flow and balanced contrast. Flooring is usually hardwood or parquet as these are breathable, easy to clean, and soft to the feet. 

Let natural light and air inside your home by opening up your windows. Doing so will establish freedom and openness by utilizing nature’s gifts. A bright and well-ventilated home also means comfort, productivity, and rest.

Strategic Storage

Having a cozy condo allows you to strategically store items in built-in storage and furniture with hidden compartments. It also allows you to maximize a minimalist set-up to make your space less cramped. A clutter-free condo unit tricks your eye into seeing wider and neater areas.

Choose couches that have secret compartments to store books, priceless trinkets, and household slippers. Beds with built-in shelves underneath are perfect storage for clean blankets, bedsheets, toys, and clothes.

If you want to add a few accent pieces to decorate your space, stick to decor elements that aren’t visually heavy. For example, a simple white lamp, a vase with a neutral hue with a sprig or branch in it, and a framed abstract artwork are simplistic, yet elegant pieces that will change the layout of any room. If you want to add a few houseplants, place a bonsai in your bedroom or home office to introduce balance, peace, and nature in its miniature form to your home. Another effective solution is for you to invest in a storage facility that could extend your storage needs. This will definitely achieve the zen vibe you want in your space.

Less Is More

“Less is more” is what makes zen interiors work well. Having fewer items in your home saves you from feeling overwhelmed with clutter. Removing unnecessary things is a form of therapy as you are clearing up space and welcoming tranquility and cleanliness. You may keep them in secret compartments, sell them, or give them to loved ones looking for decorative pieces for their space.

Zen minimalism is also a budget-friendly yet stylish way to spruce up your home. By deconstructing your space and assessing which pieces are “excessive,” you become more mindful about what you put inside your home and your budget plans. You will also do Mother Nature a favor as you will be reducing waste and clutter in your condo unit.

Putting zen into your condo unit allows you to have peace, openness, and comfort amidst a busy city. Take a good look at your unit and see how you can utilize these five reasons to transform your abode into an organized and tranquil sanctuary.

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