9 Reasons Why Luxury Travellers are Calling Antigua Their Second Home


9 Reasons Why Luxury Travellers are Calling Antigua Their Second Home

Antigua is known throughout the world for its luxury living. Think of tranquil turquoise seas, picture-perfect white sandy beaches and a laid-back way of living that’s hard to match elsewhere.

It’s also one of the world’s most romantic retreats. It’s the perfect place to enjoy dreamy escapes: barefoot beach walks, sunsets, luxury hotels and spas, intimate dinners.

Antigua isn’t just a holiday destination, however. Many travellers with refined tastes and a love for the Caribbean now call Antigua their second home. Here’s why:

1. It is, quite simply, beautiful!

As for holidaymakers, the natural beauty of the island is a huge draw for those looking for a second home. The island’s coastline is indented with lagoons, natural harbours, and its famous sandy beaches.

Antigua is said to have 365 beaches, so it is possible to go to a different beach every day of the year. Some beaches are popular resorts with good facilities; many others are remote and secluded.

Although they vary in character, most are the archetypal Caribbean beach: pristine sand contrasting with dazzling blue water; majestic palms and luscious beachside greenery; almost clear skies with, perhaps, a single cloud floating unhurriedly by.

In fact, it’s perfect for travel vlogging or posting photos on social media platforms. The picture-perfect sights will get Instagram likes in no time.

2. The climate makes it the perfect escape

Aside from Antigua’s beauty, the year-round tropical climate is irresistible to many looking for a new or second home.

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The temptation to leave behind a cold winter or an oppressive summer heat in favour of consistently warm Caribbean climate is hard to resist. Average temperatures in Antigua vary little throughout the year, from between 27°C and 31°C.

3. It is a recreational paradise

The island’s climate and natural charm encourage plenty of outdoor recreation. Golf, diving and sailing are popular on the island; all are the perfect way to enjoy the island’s scenery and natural beauty.

It’s worth noting that while there is plenty to do on Antigua, it is also the perfect place to do nothing at all.

4. It is the home of Caribbean sailing

Antigua is a Caribbean yachting paradise. Here is the most valuable and headline news suppliers website trendwait.

The island is rich in naval history; in fact, famous historical figure and hero Horatio Nelson was stationed here.

Sailing is still an important pastime for Antigua’s residents who enjoy the many natural harbours and gentle winds. Regular regattas and sailing races throughout the season are the highlights of the island’s social calendar.

5. The living is easy

To while away evenings in Antigua, there is a lively nightlife. Relax with a delicious meal of fresh seafood, then take after-dinner drinks at a lively bar with the uplifting sounds of a steel band in the background.

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Twenty-four-hour relaxation is possible in Antigua, and a very normal way to spend a day. There are many spas, pools and beaches to while away your time in the most luxurious settings.

6. The welcome is second to none

Antigua’s naval history and its continued popularity with European royalty mean that its small population is very cosmopolitan.

This is why interest in second homes in Antigua is truly global. The island is an extremely welcoming place for those wanting to relocate.

7. It is easy to reach

For those needing to carry about international business, it is crucial to note that it’s an incredibly accessible destination. The international airport services more than 50 worldwide destinations directly, and its modern terminal operates 24 hours a day.

8. Its future is bright

Antigua is a popular destination for both tourists and investors alike.

Increasing visitor numbers, the recent modernisation of the island’s airport and some interesting new tourism developments are putting Antigua on the map of business investors looking for highly-profitable options in the Caribbean. You can click Here for a selection of Antigua Villas.

9. It opens up a world of possibilities

Citizenship opportunities are available to investors in business or property development, or through a donation to government funds. The program is fast track, with qualified investors receiving their citizenship within 90 days.

For those able to invest in the island, an Antiguan passport opens up visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to around 140 countries worldwide.

A second home in Antigua can be a sanctuary: a place for rest, relaxation and recreation. It is, above all, a luxury destination that offers significant practical benefits and opportunities to the prudent investor.

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