How do laptop stickers get made?

Would you like stickers for your laptop?

People and brands use these hugely popular stickers all over the world, and here we talk about what laptop stickers are and how they get made.

Firstly, what is a laptop sticker?

The most important thing about stickers for laptops is that they don’t ruin the surface of your machine.

Laptop stickers use medium-strength adhesive. This means they’re sticky enough to withstand the heat, coffee, bumps and scrapes of daily life but not too strong that they leave marks when removed.

Here are some cool laptop sticker examples:

So, how do laptop stickers get made?

This image (below) shows the individual layers within a quality laptop sticker.

The individual layers are:

  1. At the top, there is a clear laminate that protects the printed image from scratching or fading.
  2. Your design a printed in full colour using digital technology that has beautiful detail & vibrant colours.
  3. This layer is the base vinyl of your sticker. You can often choose from a range of materials to create various effects that suit your design. Such as holographic stickers.
  4. This is the underrated but most important part. A medium-strength glue is ideal for sticking to the metal, plastic & glass material found in your laptop.
  5. A thick backing paper keeps stickers nice and flat and makes stickers easy to peel.

What are the benefits of laptop stickers?

So, why choose a laptop sticker instead of a general-purpose sticker? Here are the reasons and other benefits of getting laptop stickers.

Firstly, as we’ve mentioned before, the adhesive is the correct strength. Remember, we want them to be sticky enough to stick, even on a hot laptop. But, not too sticky, they are hard to remove or, even worse, leave marks. Getting the adhesive spot on is the most important part to get right.

Secondly, we need them to be durable enough to last years. Laptops take a surprising amount of bashing. Going in and out of your bag. Kids sitting on them. Accidently dropping them downstairs after tripping whilst holding too many things. You get the idea.

And finally, the biggest benefit. Personalisation! Custom laptop stickers give you the power to make them your own. Whether it’s a full skin or a sticker bomb like the image at the top of this article. Making a laptop unique to you makes you feel good and shows your personality to the world.

And that’s it – everything you ever needed to know about stickers for your machine. If you have questions or need to know, please comment below.

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