A Complete Guide on How to Apply for the NADRA Family Registration Certificate


The Family Registration Certificate (FRC) is an important document used to verify your identity as well as your family composition according to the records of the National Database Regulatory Authority (NADRA). The certificate is an essential condition for obtaining a visa, which you absolutely must pass to fly abroad, mainly for the pursuit of higher education, immigration and official visits. In addition, the NADRA family registration certificate is one of the most important requirements for obtaining a power of attorney in case you need to sell or buy real estate in someone else’s name. Do you also need FRC but don’t know anything about the application process? Don’t worry, nadraservice.com take care of it. This blog provides complete instructions on how to apply for the NADRA Family Registration Certificate, which can now be done online with a few simple steps.


  1. There are two ways to apply for NADRA FRC:
  2. Visit the NADRA office
  3. By visiting the Pak Identity website (NADRA online portal)

FRC application procedure by visiting the NADRA office

  1. Visit the nearest NADRA Registration Center (NRC) and follow the instructions detailed below:
  2. First, you will be given a token, after which you wait your turn.
  3. As soon as your name is mentioned, visit your respective counter and click on a photo of yourself.
  4. You have the freedom to enter your data and also to verify it. However, make sure that they match the existing NADRA records.
  5. Once all of the above processes have been completed without any issues, the required FRC will be printed and delivered.


  1. Find out how to apply for a NADRA Family Registration Certificate online
  2. Visit the Pak Identity website, NADRA’s online portal.
  3. Create an account
  4. Select an appropriate category to get started with your app
  5. Fill out the online FRC application form with the required information.
  6. Pay NADRA FRC membership fees online using your NADRA debit / credit card / E-Sahulat franchise
  7. Scanning and Uploading Your Passport Photo After carefully placing your fingerprints in the space provided, scan and upload the form when you apply online for NADRA FRC.
  8. When downloading the FRC application form online, carefully upload all required documents.

Important points to remember

The fee to apply for the NADRA FRC is 1000 PKR

The ability to pay online by credit card is available for residents and overseas Pakistanis. However, the possibility of making payments by debit card is only available to foreign applicants. Likewise, payments through NADRA’s e-Sahulat franchise can only be made by applicants residing in Pakistan.

Photos uploaded with the form should be passport sized with a white background and a size of at least 350 x 467. They should be over six months old and professionally photographed with sharp focus. camera.


The NADRA family registration certificate has been divided into several categories and the requirements for each of these categories are different. So let’s take a look at the mandatory documents that are presented with every FRC application form.


NADRA FRC By Birth contains the records of your parents and siblings and must be presented with the following documents

CNIC / NICOP / POC of parents and siblings.

Child Registration Certificate (CRC) and photos of family members under 18.

Note: Family members who are not registered with NADRA for any reason or who have incomplete records will not be linked. Therefore, they will not appear in the FRC unless their information is updated.


The only thing that differs in the documents required to apply for the FRC by marriage is that, instead of your parents and siblings, you must submit the CNIC / NICOP / POC of your spouse and children. The rest of the procedure and requirements are almost the same as for the FRC by birth.

Once your FRC application has been successfully submitted, you can pick up your FRC on site from the NADRA Registration Center

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