The 3 Best Free Movie Streaming Websites in 2021

While many associate movie streaming with piracy , there are tons of free, legal streaming websites available online where you can enjoy the best content e.g. 123 movies and f movies

If you’re looking for movies to watch online , finding a free streaming site isn’t always easy, and you’ll need to look in the right places to do so . That said, we’ve found ten of the best free movie streaming websites that you should check out if you’re planning on enjoying a night out with a good movie.

What Can You Expect

There are tons of free online videos , for a large amount of content. A large portion of the films available for free streaming are in the public domain , as they have been transferred by the owner of the rights to become common property , allowing them to be viewed on websites.

While many of the movies available are B-grade, you will also be able to find several popular titles . Often these films are supported by advertisements that you will then have to put up with, but most are non-stop. Either way, don’t expect to find the latest box office hits.

In general, the films available are old, but you can also find several classics you already know, such as the original version of the recent remake of Assassination on the Orient Express .

Top 3 Free Movie Streaming Sites


Unsurprisingly, YouTube is one of the best free movie streaming sites. There are tons of movies to choose from, including public domain movies uploaded to channels like Public Domain Cinema and Public Domain Films.

Other sites, like Popcornflix , host their movies via YouTube. While you will have to search a little to find what you want, with a little patience you will find that YouTube is a great and legal streaming platform .

Vudu Movies on Us

Vudu is known for renting and selling digital videos , but the Movies on Us feature comes across as an excellent free movie streaming platform . In fact, you can find an extensive collection of films such as Jerry Maguire , Apocalypse Now and The Last Boy Scout .

Vudu Movies on Us offers uncut movies with advertisements, and while you have to register to use the service , this will allow you to purchase and rent and activate digital copies of programs and films .


A free alternative to Netflix , SnagFilms boasts special categories such as athletes and their triumphs and they will be famous . SnagFilms specializes in new and recent content that is often not found on other sites. Its range of over 2,000 titles includes TV shows, documentaries and films .

In addition, there are also some original shorts in the comedy category , and a fantastic section devoted to the classics . If you are looking for quality content but not very famous, this site is ideal.

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