A Quick Overview About The Things That You Can Do With Some Of PDFBear’s Tools

There are still many people that aren’t quite familiar with PDFBear and its features. If you’re one of those persons, then it’s a must that you have to read this article, which provides some helpful information about PDFBear. Without further delay, here are some of PDFBear’s tools that will guarantee your best experience in using PDFBear in the future.

Adding Specific Page Numbers To Your PDF Using PDFBear

If you want to number your pages on your PDF, here’s a quick and easy guide on how you can add pages to PDF using PDFBear’s Add Page Number To PDF tool. The process is pretty straightforward, whether you have an idea of doing it or not. You just have to read the steps PDFBear provided on its page.

To help you save more time, you just need to upload your PDF, and PDFBear will provide you an option to choose which page you want to put a number on. The whole process will not go for more than an hour. After you put a number on your PDF pages, you can now download it.

Electronic Signature Or eSign PDF Of PDFBear

If you have some documents or files that you need to sign electronically, PDFBear can help you with that. The eSign PDF of PDFBear will provide you an option to put or add your signature to your PDF electronically. There are also many options on how you can add your signature to your PDF; you can use your mouse or use an external device.

The eSign PDF tool of PDFBear is also protected with 256 SSL encryption, which means your file is fully protected from any type of cyber threats since you’re dealing with essential information on your file. This tool is also high-optimized to work on different devices such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and computers.

The most crucial part of uploading your file online is that your information is very vulnerable to cyber threats. To stop or at least minimize that from happening, PDFBear added an extra security feature. This feature works the same with all the tools in PDFBear, which is removing all your details or information that you uploaded after every process.

Adding Customized Watermarks Into Your PDF

If you want to patent or secure your file from being taken from you, then putting a watermark will be your best option. PDFBear also has a handy tool, which you can add a watermark into your PDF by just following some effortless steps. Your PDF will have a watermark within a matter of seconds or minutes, depending on what type of watermark you’re adding.

This is how you can add a watermark to your PDF; you need to “drag and drop” or click the “select a file” blue box located on the page of PDFBear’s Add Watermark tool. Right after choosing your PDF, PDFBear will give you multiple options on how you wanted to add your watermark; you can manually type it, copy & paste an image, or create your logo.

PDFBear also adds a unique feature to its watermark tool, which is called cloud technology. This means you can save all of your PDF and watermarks on the cloud system of PDFBear so that you don’t need to use any other external storage; it will also allow you to access your file much more freely since you can just pull-up PDFBear’s cloud storage anytime you want.

PDFBear’s Effortless Share Document Feature

The Share Document tool of PDFBear provides the best and most comfortable option for sending or sharing your files with your friends and co-workers. You can also share your files directly to your social media accounts regardless of what file format you have. PDFBear made easy sharing possible for their clients to have a better and effortless experience.

The only thing you have to do if you want to share your PDF or any type of file you have right now is to upload your file to PDFBear’s Share Document tool and provide your recipient’s email address. PDFBear will also offer you an option to add a special message for your recipient.

You can build a signing link and you can also add Signature to PDF from your template and send it to a chat group of your intended signers, instructing them to input their email addresses and sign your documents. This eliminates the need for you to manually enter their emails one by one. CocoSign also improves your paperwork productivity by allowing you to send many documents to the same group of people at the same time.


If not the best, PDFBear is guaranteed to provide excellent PDF conversion qualities that you don’t often get from other PDF tools. If you’re also looking for impressive sharing, an easy watermark application, and a special PDF page remover, then your best choice is PDFBear.

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