Got PDFs? Make The Most Out of Them with These PDFBear Features

Just a couple of years back, we would send hand-written letters and call someone through a telephone. Things were very instant because they took some time to send and receive. Nowadays, it’s been so much easier and convenient. You could easily and quickly talk to someone by texting them or calling them using a smartphone! Technology has indeed progressed and it will surely keep progressing and catering to our needs.

One thing that’s prominently changed is documents. Before, everything was type-written then printed. Now, most (if not all) files have become electronic or digital. The most common file type is in PDF. And we’ll get into the reasons most people prefer this file type in a bit. Right now, we want to help you out with electronic or digital documents. Since times are quickly changing, you need to have the best tool to help you make the most out of your document. Here, we introduce to you PDFBear!

So, what’s PDFBear anyway?

You may have come across this website through an ad or random search. But if you’ve dodged it before, then you’ve missed out. This nifty online SaaS (or software as a service) tool allows you to easily split PDF pages, merge PDF pages, watermark documents, and so much more! You won’t need to sign up, log-in, or subscribe to anything to use their services. It’s all free to use! Now, if you’re not yet convinced, you’ll be surprised how versatile this tool is, too! You could use your laptop, smartphone, or tablet to access their website. So it’s very portable. Also, there’s no need to worry about your files suddenly being spread out to people you don’t know. PDFBear guarantees privacy for all its users since they make sure to delete all files after an hour of upload. Well, aren’t these perks just great?

But why PDFs?

Now that we’ve covered some perks on PDFBear, let’s get into why PDF (or Portable Document Format) files are the best to use. First, this file type keeps its formatting or overall look on any device, may it be a computer or smartphone. Sending and receiving this file will not hassle you since you get the exact look of the document all throughout. The same goes for when the document is printed; how it looks on the screen will look the same on paper. There are no additional apps or downloads needed to access a PDF file because you can open it directly on your device. What’s more, is that, in the long run, you can save more disk or memory space because compared to other raw file formats, PDFs are much smaller in size. With all the benefits of this file type, no wonder it’s the most favored of all the other formats.

Some awesome PDFBear features

Split PDF

When you need to exact pages from a long document, this feature comes in handy. You can select which pages you want to keep or delete and make a new document from them. It’s great for reviewers or readings wherein you’ll only need particular parts. This feature is also helpful for when you have to keep some parts confidential.

Merge PDF

This feature is perfect for working with a team or group. You can easily merge several individual PDF files together to make things easier for your recipient. Downloading or sharing each file individually is a hassle, after all!

Watermark PDF

It’s always good to have a watermark on your original work to avoid unauthorized distribution. This feature is very helpful for anyone who wants to make sure that their files can only belong to this. Watermarks also make it easier to track down an unauthorized distributor.

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At ease with PDFBear

So, since we’re now all moving forward and adjusting to the changes in our lifestyle, thanks to technology, you’re now ready to face the digital document world with ease. We’ve only mentioned three PDFBear features here, but once you try it out for yourself, you’ll find so many more features. Make the most out of your digital documents and never again be dumbfounded with them. We hope our article helps you out. Try PDFBear for yourself today.

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