Another plant to help keep the air healthy in your home.


Another plant to help keep the air healthy in your home.

Many people may have heard that certain plants can absorb toxins. And help purify the polluted air to become brute air Therefore, planting trees in Thailand It is like another trend that is trendy in this period. When the plants are placed inside the house thus becoming a part of the room Like furniture or decoration for beauty However, the tree itself has advantages in addition to enhancing the beauty of the house. Also help absorb toxins in the air

What contaminants are inside the house?

Even though the area of ​​the house looks clean and tidy, sometimes it contains toxins. Or residual contaminants whether it is formaldehyde from the wallpaper to the gasoline cooking stove Formadiheight from curtains, paint, pillows, plywood, toilet paper, benzene from computer monitors. And ammonia from tissue paper

Tree air purification principles

In principle, the toxic suction of that tree Will absorb toxins through the process of dehydration through the stoma The air purifying tree has a higher rate of transpiration than other trees, so every time the dehydration process occurs. This causes the temperature on the leaf surface to differ from the outside air and causes the surrounding air to circulate. Hence, the air containing the toxin enters the root area of ​​the plant where many attracted microbes. Later, this longer microorganism will digest toxins into plant food. Or some plants may have to absorb toxins through the water from the root. By watering the base of the tree the water seeps down the roots and the plant rapidly absorbs water for growth, so in this process the surrounding air, contaminated with nitrogen, oxygen and pollutants is drawn to the soil. And microorganisms living around the roots will digest the toxins And how to absorb toxins through air suction In the meantime When the tree will suck the air contaminated with toxins through the stoma Forward to root From root to soil And the microorganisms surrounding The roots will digest those toxins.

Tree positioning to reduce toxins and purify the air in the home

The bedroom is another room that people tend to spend time in during the night. Most trees emit carbon oxides at night, which is unhealthy. But at the same time, there are some trees that emit oxygen at night, such as the aloe vera and the Lignagorn tree. Position near the bed But if they are other trees, they should be placed away from the sleeping area. In order to pass the breath

But in the area outside the house Like in the garden we can choose to plant a variety of trees. If it is a very big tree like Jamjuree Will help absorb carbon dioxide well It also helps to trap dust from floating or blown into the interior of the house. Therefore, planting trees around the house is another reason that helps in reducing pollution and purifying the air in the house.

5 list of trees that can purify the air in your home well

  1. Epidemiology (English Ivy) is a vine ivy. The leaves are lobes, like the gourd leaves, about 3-5 lobes, with many different colors, adaptable, not difficult to care, popular to propagate by cuttings or grafts. Prefers loamy soils or sandy soils, prefers cool weather, likes intense sunlight, but can be in low light.
  2. Anthurium (Anthurium, Flamingo Flower or Pigg-tail flower) is a soft ivy, about 80-100 cm tall, beautiful but different leaves. Most of them are heart-shaped, pointed leaves, velvet-like surface. Under the leaves are convex lines the flower leaves above the petiole. Can be issued all year round
  3. The spotted plu (Devil’s ivy, Golden pothos or Hunter’s robe) is a creeper. The trunk is rounded and articulated to break up leaves and roots. The leaves are single, heart-shaped, large, rooted, rounded, pointed, smooth, thick and succulent. Available in both single and multiple colors.
  4. Bamboo Palm (Reed Palm) is a type of palm plant with beautiful appearance. The trunk is clumping and canopy up to 3 meters high. At this moment, kaset today provides you with the best formula for tree plantation.

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