Which earrings match your face style?


Which earrings match your face style?

Did you know that earrings are a secret that enhances the charm of women? And enhance the face of the wearer more beautiful Looks much more perfect. Because earrings are an accessory that is born with a woman, it is like the night with the stars. The big problem that women often face when shopping for earrings is that they are very beautiful, but when wearing them they do not look suitable causing us to lose confidence immediately and did not dare to buy it This is so because each person’s face is different.

But girls don’t worry Today we will tell you what kind of earrings match your face style, I assure you that you will wear it and it will look good, have a lot more charm.

1. Square-shaped woman

For women whose front frame has a strong edge Or pronounced jaw never wear a pair of earrings that are shaped like a face. If available at home, give all of your friends because if we already have a square face, wearing square earrings will make us look many times squarer. Therefore, choose earrings with oval, drop shape or round shape. Will definitely match with the square-faced girl

2. Long earrings for women

For women with long faces Is a woman with a long chin The photo was longer than the friend next door until it was clearly visible. Do not wear dangle earrings or straight lines, as this will increase the face length. Should change to wear earrings that are good, wide, a little lateral, or choose a round, square earring because it will make our face and long chin look more beautiful.

3. A round face woman

For women who have a round face or a short face. Look in the mirror and look so bright that you’re worried Do not wear small or round earrings. Because it will make the face look more round and fat and also makes the neck look shorter as well We should choose a long earring. The more oval shape, the tassel hanging, the water droplets  tear drop diamond earrings will definitely make your face look slimmer.

4. Earrings for women with heart-shaped faces

Women with a heart-shaped look have a rounded upper face and a long chin. Do not choose earrings that have a big top and a pointed bottom. Because it will make the chin look even sharper and the cheekbones are pronounced Should wear earrings. Triangular or earrings that have a wide bottom base and narrow top. Because these earrings will help camouflage the long chin and round cheekbones. Become fit Make your face look even more beautiful.

5. Earrings for women with oval face

For women with an oval face it is the face that the girls want the most. Until some people get hurt, ask the doctor to help adjust the shape of the face to be like this because no matter what type of earrings you choose, they will be beautiful and look good. New and unique, especially small diamond earrings or chic ruby ​​earrings that are hot in this period It will definitely strengthen your confidence to make you look more elegant.

No matter what face shape you have Choosing the right earring shape is the secret that enhances its charm. And good looks on the face for women at least one place. Nowadays fashion ecommerce thailand has become the popular ecommerce sector in Thailand.

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