Are you looking for a Bape hoodie?


Don’t know anything about the BAPE Hoodie? At the time, BAPE is one of the oldest and most coveted street brands of all time. With all the celebrities rocking BAPE in day-to-day life. It has created all-new hype of the BAPE. The brand is known to know for many types of hoodies like camouflage shark hoodies are some of the best-selling hoodies all around the world. If you haven’t heard of BAPE then keep reading this article and will tell you about everything you need to know about the BAPE. The company was founded in Japan by Nigo, and it earns a big name from its streetwear. Over the years celebrities like Kanye west jay0x, and many others have been rocking BAPE coma hoodies.

About BAPE

One of my all-time favorite designs is the shark hoodie. Features shark’s head with head and teeth on the hood. This is related to the fighter jets and it gives a killer look. Yes alongside this hoodie there are a tiger hood and the BAPE panda hoodie, all these are irritation of the legendary shark design. Let talk a little bit about BAPE’s history. As the mentioned company was founded by the fashion designer name nigo in 1993. At first, he made some streetwear which went popular sometime later they had 19 stores running in japan alone. There is also some store in Hong Kong, Dubai, and New York. Also many stores in London as well. This is the all-list and proof that how everyone loves and likes to rock bape hoodie.

Now let’s talk about the hoodies. The shark hoodie is one of the main items in the store. Whether you are interested in streetwear or not, but everyone will recognize this shark hoodie. It’s a classic design and copied by many other brands. It comes with one of the BAPE’s classic coma patterns in bright colors like purple, orange or blue. This hoodie was an unprecedented success of the brand. Every BAPE’s new collections have two new shark hoodies, which also always sell out.

There are also many hoodies like the Tiger hoodie, which is very similar to the shark Hoodie but visuals are different as the name suggests tiger hoodie has a tiger and this hoodie is also successful, which is even older than the shark hoodie. This hoodie has been famously seen early 2000’s. BAPE makes this hoodie very causal so, this is not something you can wear with formal clothes. The prints are very loud but match them with good clothes, it might get too busy for you. Keep in mind that the hoodie is used for layering in winter or underneath a jacket.

Last Word

BAPE is one of the successful brands around the world which is been in the market since the ’90s. Also, BAPE has teamed up with sportswear giant Puma, which has many good products coming into the market.BAPE hoodies are a bit expensive, but the materials and styling are worth paying.