Avoid Getting Tricked! Here are 7 Signs of a Fake Luxury Watch

It cannot be denied that most, if not all, have dreamed of getting at least one luxury watch from the most influential brands in the world. Who could not resist its style, prestige, and reliability when it comes to telling time in the most glamorous way? This great demand made these luxury watches trickle down into the market with far more affordable prices. The only catch is that those watches are fake. Just by looking at these luxury watch imitations, even you getroids could be fooled into thinking it was authentic. You, yourself, can be tricked into buying one at a price affordable for a so-called luxury watch, but expensive for a fake one. For you to immediately know if the watch you are going to buy is fake, here are some signs that will help:

1. Too good to be true

Some authentic luxury watches can come in great deals. However, you will know that it might be fake if the shop or the seller is selling it at quite low a price. Usually, when authentic luxury watches offer great deals, the price will still not be that far apart from the original price. For example, Panerai watches cost about a hundred thousand dollars, or sometimes, even a million. When someone tries to sell it to you for only about hundreds of dollars, there is a big chance that it is fake.

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2. Questionable manual and indications

Faux luxury watches today now come in legitimate-looking manuals. If you are not keen enough, you may believe that it is legitimate because of the manual containing a so-called certification. If you inspect closely, you will see errors in the manual. These errors will be enough evidence that the watch is nothing but an imitation. Usually, these manuals also contain redundant and exaggerated indications. Those who know a lot about watches will see how conflicting these terms are with each other. Those are the kinds of indications that will just make the manual sound like it knows a lot about watch terms.

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3. Sketchy store

To ensure that the watch you are going to buy is authentic, you must first get it from a trusted store. The watch is sure to be the real deal if you buy from its direct store, or from a watch shop certified to bring you authentic luxury watches like thewatchcompany.com. More often than not, shops that sell fake watches are those that sell other random stuff like television sets, cameras, old bills, and others.

4. Rusty watch with scratches

We know that luxury watches are handmade, but that does not mean they will have scratches. More than this, there should be no rusts on the watch’s finish. Luxury brands use top-notch materials that promise the optimal quality for their watches. If the watch being sold to you is in a bad shape with scratches, peeling, and such, you should be skeptical.

5. Sketchy design and logo

Luxury watches cost a fortune because expert watchmakers manufacture them with the utmost precision. Every watch goes under strict quality standards. If you feel like the logo of the watch looks quite questionable–either it is too big or too small, a bit crooked, or looks generally funny–that might be your signal. Sometimes, these fake watches will even have wrong spellings, even on the brand name, itself.

6. Questionably light

As we mentioned, luxury watches are made with the best quality materials of metal, steel, gems, and such. This is the reason why when you check out real luxury watches, they are quite heavy. With this, another sign that the watch being sold to you is fake is when it weighs a bit lighter than you expect. This means that it is made with cheap materials. This can also mean that it is made poorly, compared to the handmade intricate engineering of a real watch’s movements.

7. No official serial number

An authentic luxury watch will have an official serial number hidden somewhere. It is usually an alphanumeric number that will match the certification on the case or the warranty. Those numbers are supposed to be etched by laser, and not printed or even worse, written. This is why if the watch you are dealing with does not have a serial number, there is a big chance that it is fake. If there is a serial number, you can check it out immediately if it matches with the company registration.

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Shop from a trusted store

If you are planning to treat yourself, be careful and do not be immediately dazed with low prices, because you might be buying a watch that is fake. If your budget can only handle so much, there are still lots of great watches out there that are authentic yet just as sturdy. What you should be worried about is buying a fake watch and not getting what is promised to you. So, might as well shop at trusted stores like TheWatchCompany.com where you are sure to get nothing but original timepieces!

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