Beginner’s Guide to CBD Oil for Cats

Cannabidiol (CBD oil) has shown a tremendous growth over the last couple of years. While many people are worried that it might be an addictive drug, studies have shown that it is safe to use and can be used for a wide variety of illnesses including mental health disorders.   

The benefits of this medicine, for humans, is that it helps to ease anxiety and depression. It also helps with skin conditions like acne. It even provides natural pain and symptom relief for cancer patients.


The CBD oil comes from a Cannabis Sativa plant, which has its origin in Eastern Asia. It is also a component used in marijuana. One can learn more about Cannabis Sativa and its origin here:

Now that we have a better understanding of what CBD oil is, let’s have a look at this product and its usage for cats. 


Everyone wants their kitten to have the best nutrition possible. Here are some guidelines on how to give the kitten a healthy nutrition:

  • Choose a healthy balanced food with enough nutrients and minerals 
  • The kitten needs to maintain a healthy weight. Obesity is one of the most common illnesses in our furry friends. This can cause them to develop serious illnesses. 
  • Make sure your kitten has a schedule about when and how often it eats
  • Most kittens do not like to eat in noisy areas. Adjust the kitten’s eating space according to its needs 
  • If a kitten has a mental disorder or illness try giving it Cannabidiol

Read this article for more information on feline nutrition. 


Do not force this oil into your cat’s mouth. They don’t like it and the chances of them consuming this medicine is very small. There is a way to make sure your feline does consume this medicine: The oil has to be mixed with a certain amount of food for best consumption. Our furry friends will like the taste of the CBD oil when mixed with their food. Important notice: The Cannabidiol absorbs best when given to your feline on an empty stomach.

Be sure not to overdose your furry friend. Start by giving your feline a dose of 2mg per 4,5 kg (10 pounds). Sometimes they will have higher needs than others. The owner can adjust the dosage according to the needs of the feline. The amount of Cannabidiol given to a cat with seizures will be a lot more than the amount given to one with anxiety. 


Just like humans our furry friends have an endocannabinoid system too. That is why this medicine works the same way for our cats as it does in humans. Giving it to your cat can have the same benefits as giving it to a human. These benefits include:

  • It helps with aggression and anxiety. The medicine contains serotonin, a natural mood stabilizer. This will help calm down the feline
  • It has the ability to kill bacteria and thus helps cure infections 
  • It restores the kitten’s lost appetite and energy
  • It reduces inflammation and joint pain 
  • It helps to control their bladders and bowel movements
  • It contains antimicrobial properties, which helps fight against allergies
  • It can reduce seizures by up to 50%
  • It helps with pain for felines who have tumors or cancer 


There have been very little scientific studies of the use of this product in cats. A veterinarian from California, however found that the use of this product is perfectly safe to use when given to our furry friends. From a non-scientific view the Cannabidiol has shown to improve the overall wellbeing of a cat. 

Some cat owners have reported that they have given CBD oil to their kittens and there were absolutely no side-effects. Just be sure to use this product under veterinary supervision. From this information given, you can rest assure that CBD oil is safe for cats and there is no need to worry.


Because of the limited studies of the use of this oil in felines, there is a lot that is still unknown. There is no proof that a long-term use of this product may not have a negative impact on your cat. The lack of research raises another concern that it may be difficult to find a consistent and pure source. 

Owners should talk to their veterinarians to make sure they find a manufacturer that has strict quality control measures in place to be sure this product is safe to use. Do not experiment with different types of Cannabidiols by yourself. 

Some of the side effects can include: 

  • Clots in their blood
  • Problems with their digestion system
  • They can experience dizziness 
  • Possible irritation to eyes, skin, throat and nose
  • Thirstiness due to dry mouth
  • Tiredness or lack of enthusiasm in normal every day activities
  • It could bring down their heart rate 

In conclusion, there hasn’t been much scientific research around the use of CBD oil in felines. The feedback from cat owners however, have been positive. 

Thus, it is safe to say that when your cat has any signs or symptoms as mentioned in this article, giving them a little bit of CBD oil won’t do them any harm. This medicine is not too expensive and easy to mix with food for the best possible consumption.  

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