Channel Your Inner Clark Kent with These 4 Eye Glasses for Men

Were you one of those kids who was always confused by how no one ever realized that Superman and Clark Kent are the same people? It was JUST a pair of eyeglasses that kept his identity a secret from the world, wasn’t it?

If we are being honest, Clark Kent and Superman did make glasses for men kind of cool. Every kid who has been a fan of the character understands that a pair of glasses is never simply a pair of normal spectacles. They are the fine line between a random reporter and a freakin’ superhero. Clark Kent really did prove that with the right pair of men’s glass frames you can really switch up your look in a fraction of a second.

Now that we are wiser, we get that wearing glasses for men will not make you unrecognizable in an instant, but there is no denying that the way it elevates your whole damn look is amazing. And if we are honest, who does not want that? Maximum result with minimum effort. So obviously, we just had to go ahead and list down some of our favourite glasses for men that we would have worn if we were Superman’s alter ego. So, go grab them and feel like a superhero too!

Modern-Chic Aviators

Whether it is sunglasses or glasses for men, aviators have always been and will likely continue to be the OG eyewear style. Be it a formal, office look or a casual ‘chilling with the super buds’ look, this unique pair of glasses for men would be on our modern-day Clark’s must-have list. Its sleek look is guaranteed to accentuate your handsome features rather than covering them up. This stylish pair of angular aviators is light as a feather with unmatched durability, specifically designed for an active lifestyle.

Nerdy Black

Confession time. As baller as Superman was, his alter ego was always a bit of a nerd. Which, we are sure, is what keeps him from getting fired from work, even though he flies away from time to time. So, in the spirit of that, our version of Clark Kent also has to have that little bit of a nerd in him, right? That’s why we believe that these glasses for men would be a perfect fit for him. They are lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic (obviously we checked them for kryptonite), and therefore, perfect in case of an impromptu fight!

Icy Wayfarers

Superman may not have the time to keep up with the latest fashion trends due to being caught up saving the world and all, but our Clark Kent definitely does. And maybe he would finally stray away from his trusted ‘nerd next door’ look and switch things up a little with these trendy translucent blue glasses for men, at least for the summer.

Badass Gunmetal

Superman is badass supreme, and his alter ego deserves to look like a badass too, right? That’s exactly why we picked up these sleek and sexy gunmetal round glasses for men for our beloved version of Clark Kent. These round men’s glass frames are a step away from the angular frames that he usually prefers. Their stainless-steel body makes sure that the frames are super lightweight and long-lasting! Exactly what is needed!

Now we know that these glasses for men won’t make you a superhero and give you an x-ray vision or the ability to fly, they are guaranteed to make you feel like a hero and look fly, which we think is pretty great for our mundane like earth. So, head on to the nearest store of reputed brands such as Fastrack, Titan, Raga, and Sonata and grab the eyewear of your choice. Channel your inner Clark Kent.