Spending Long Hours Staring At Screens? Get These 7 Blue Light Filter Glasses to Protect Your Eyes

We often find ourselves clutching our temples in pain, squinting our eyes unconsciously, and rubbing our eyes repeatedly when we spend hours fixated on a screen be it for work or recreation. These habits become ingrained into the very activity of looking at digital screens and have become increasingly common and normalized due to hectic work cultures and increased digital dependency.

Our lifestyles have gone to a point where we cannot reverse our need to look at digital screens all the time, but we can take steps to protect our eyes. Blue light filter glasses are a step in that direction, where these glasses are designed with the very objective of keeping the wearer’s eyes comfortable through long hours of artificial blue light exposure. Since unfiltered usage of screens can cause various eye problems, exacerbate existing eye conditions, and even ruin your sleep schedule it is important to find the right protective eyewear. Therefore, let us look at some options for blue light filter glasses that can protect your eye through those long hours at work or otherwise.

Cool Steely Greys

The effectiveness of a pair of blue light filter glasses increases exponentially when they are designed with large lenses in mind. The eyes are susceptible to strain from long-term exposure to blue light, but this pair of rectangle blue ray glasses can keep you stylish and comfortable through hours of work. These blue light filter glasses and their frames are made to be lightweight and sturdy, so they can withstand daily wear and tear across demanding work schedules.

The Suave Browline

Even if they are simply functional and not always powered, it does not mean blue light filter glasses do not have to follow the current trends of eyewear designs that are available on the market. One of the most effortlessly chic designs that have found its way to many eyewear collections is the square-framed eyeglasses with a double browline. These glasses are great for those who like to stay safe from the detriments of blue light exposure, but also want to look good doing it.

Sharp and Chic Cateyes

The charm of a good pair of cateye eyeglasses is well-known across the hall of fame for iconic eyewear. These blue light filter glasses in Cateye designs are meant to be one of the most reliable options in blue ray glasses for women. They can be considered a ‘blind-buy’ item since they can complement every face shape and personality. The upswept look of the tapering corners gives a playful touch of individuality to your workday and makes you look chic even as you tackle numerous tasks.

Black and Bold

Round glasses are often considered eccentric and artistic, but often they can be one of the most reliable choices of eyewear because of their popularity. This pair of blue light filter glasses in the classic black, thick frames is meant to mean business. They are designed to carry a dutiful air of responsibility and creative spirit. The large round lenses are also great for complete coverage of the eyes from the blue light of the digital screens at work.

The Classic in Bronze

An unconventional and quirky choice for eyeglass material, bronze can bring out the best in your work self by adding a regal touch to your appearance. These blue light glasses are designed to be the understated, lightweight, and unassuming companion to your busy workday. The rectangular frames make it an ideal match for oval and round-shaped faces. The bronze hue of these glasses can add a special gravity to your look, making them an interesting accessory as well.

One-of-a-Kind Ovals

A continuation of the trend of thin eyewear that can stand out yet remain an understated accessory to your look are these blue light filter glasses in grey. The cool-toned grey look of these glasses makes them perfectly versatile for all kinds of clothing ensembles and meetings. The characteristic feature of this pair of glasses is the oval-shaped lenses which have been compared to the mini-eyeglasses of the 1990s. These glasses can therefore be considered the perfect middle ground between fashion and function.

The Pilot Pair

Incidentally, pilots were one of the first people to duly use the necessity of glasses to their fullest. Therefore, this pair of blue ray glasses pays homage to that moment of inspiration and invention of the Aviators. While the lenses of these glasses do not have the characteristic tint of Aviators, it does hold the debonair aura of the classic. The shape of the lenses on this pair is ideal for blue light protection as it covers most of the eyes, keeping them cool and comfortable throughout long hours online.

Blue light filter glasses, like every other invention; were born out of a need to preserve the well-being of a user even if their lifestyle cannot be drastically altered to accommodate the same. We cannot always lessen the amount of time we spend on our desktops and phones, but we can at least make wise eyewear choices that can look out for us in the long run. That is precisely why brands like Titan Eyeplus have curated collections for blue light filter glasses and more for your convenience, all at fantastic prices with a guarantee of consumer satisfaction.

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