Different Gender Cosplay Makeup Tips

Cosplay is an activity that uses costumes, accessories, props, and makeup to portray characters from anime and games, and with the boom in the anime and game industries in recent years, cosplay culture has become more and more well-known. The purpose of cosplay makeup is not just to beautify you, but to bring you closer to the character you are playing. In cosplay makeup, the method of applying makeup varies by gender, so here are some tips on how to apply makeup to cosplayers from a gender perspective.

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Foundation, loose powder, blush, lip gloss, eye shadow.

Makeup kits, various brushes, lotions, lip balms, dark and light powders, lipsticks and lip glosses, lip liner, eyeliner or liquid eyeliner, eyebrow pencils, eyelash curlers, mascara, makeup spray, makeup remover… 

General Steps for Cosplay Women’s Makeup.

  1. Emollient: Apply an even layer of skin care products with a hydrating and moisturizing effect – moisturizing lotion – on the face and lip balm on the lips. These have the effect of moisturizing the skin and isolating cosmetics, so that the next cosmetics do not come into direct contact with the skin. At the same time, emollient products will generally be viscous, making it easier for the colored powder in cosmetics to adhere and facilitate coloring.
  2. Concealer: This is a tool to cover up visible pimples, scars and the like on a cosplayer’s face.

3.Foundation: The best way to apply foundation is to use cream foundation, because you will be on camera, so everyday foundation is not the best choice, and in less-than-ideal lighting conditions, foundation will not look good enough for your face. At the same time, use a sponge block to pat on your face when applying foundation, and never rub it in! Because of the coarse powder particles, the foundation will float on your face if you apply it properly and will have a very visible effect.

  1. Set the loose powder with a puff, evenly on the face, you can use a little force, a thin layer of loose powder. The foundation has a very good setting effect, while dispelling the shine on the face, slightly whitening the face and making it look more natural.
  2. Eye makeup: The most important part of the makeup is the eye makeup, which is also the most complicated part. Start with an eye shadow color that is close to your skin color, then apply the color in layers from light to dark. It is important to remember that eyeshadow follows the shape of the eyes, using a metallic shimmer on the first part of the eye, and the following shadows should be lighter from the end of the eye to the top of the eye, and the lightest part of the eye should be a metallic shimmer. And then there’s the eyeliner. If your hand is unsteady, use an eyeliner pencil to lightly draw the eyeliner area first. The reason is that in cosplay eye makeup, the eyeliner is usually very wide, so you can break some common sense and draw the shape of the eyes exactly according to the character’s shape, and then use eyeliner to apply it after the draft.
  3. Draw eyebrows: After drawing the eyes, draw the eyebrows. The eyebrows should be uneven in front and solid at the back. The eyebrows can be brushed lightly with semi-dry mascara, which will make the eyebrows more three-dimensional. Here’s a tip: brush down the eyebrows naturally at the junction of the bridge of the nose and the eye sockets (where glasses are usually worn), which will make the bridge of the nose appear much higher.
  4. Use both dark and light powders to create a three-dimensional look: use a lighter color for T’s and highlights, and a darker color for shadows on the cheeks. If there is a reddish powder, apply it thinly on the cheeks to make a base for the blush. 

Blush: The method varies from person to person. The usual method is to smile a little and then swipe the blush along the smiley muscle from the corner of the mouth to the ear line.

  1. Lip make-up: follow the character’s picture.

Cosplay men’s makeup is generally different from women’s, with the following differences.

1, care of the skin: to use an oil-absorbent tissue to absorb excess oil, and then use the hydrating spray evenly distributed throughout the facial skin, and finally use your hands to gently pat the facial skin, to promote the absorption of water.

2, laying powder (setting powder or loose powder) is an important part of the makeup to help make it long-lasting and less oily. Fold the powdered puffs in half and rub them together to disperse excess powder, then press the puffs gently in the palm of your hand and finally press the powder onto your face.

3.Adjust the facial contours of the male cosplayer. Highlighting: Place a shade 1-2 degrees lighter than the base foundation on the areas of the face that need to be highlighted. The color comes first between the two eyebrows, then spreads out around them, radiating lighter colors.

  1. There are many ways to draw the eyebrows in male cosplay makeup, and to suit the character, the eyebrows are usually exaggerated and raised, so there are few rules.

In general, cosplay makeup is about restoring the character as closely as possible, and it is important to follow the character’s picture when applying makeup. Lastly, I would like to remind all of you to remove your makeup properly and have makeup remover oil ready. If you’re looking for a cosplay costume, if you’re worried about a Halloween party, then Cosplaylab is definitely the place you’ve been looking for, with a huge variety of characters, costumes, props, wigs of different lengths and other cosplay products for your reference.