How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos for Higher Rankings

There are thousands of YouTube videos on the internet. It’s probably the website that takes up most of the web storage space available. Given the popularity of this platform, many businesses decided to use it for advertising. Like Google, YouTube will also rank the videos according to relevance when people type keywords. This will also help your video to fall in the category of the most liked YouTube videos. The goal is to rank higher since the users will probably play the videos on the first page. There are useful tips in moving higher on the ranking. Asking for help from eCommerce SEO companies would also be helpful. 

Rename the title 

The video file should include the keyword. Therefore, the current title should get an immediate replacement. It’s easier for YouTube to rank it higher since the keywords are already on the title. Apart from the title, the keyword should also be on the video file. For instance, if the business is about real estate, that phrase should be on each video file. A variation of that filename may also form part of the keyword being optimized.

The problem is that the keywords might not appear naturally within the video title. Therefore, it helps to use some tools that could create an exact match title. It allows the users to find a relevant keyword and insert it correctly in the title. In writing the heading, the suggestion is to keep it short. It shouldn’t go beyond 60 characters. Otherwise, it might get cut off from the results pages. 

Optimize the video descriptions 

Apart from the title and file name, the descriptions should also be a part of the optimization strategy. Videos don’t have written words for YouTube to index. It will only rely on the corresponding descriptions in determining how to rank the video. YouTube allows up to 1,000 characters on the video descriptions. It might seem short, but it’s appropriate. People decide to visit YouTube not to read an essay but to watch videos. The descriptions might be helpful for some viewers, but others will ignore them. Apart from advertising purposes, these descriptions are useful for optimization reasons. The keywords should be on the description, and it should appear naturally. Although YouTube allows a 1,000-character description, it shouldn’t get maxed out. In most cases, YouTube will only show the first line containing up to 100 characters. The rest will then fall beyond the first line, and at that point, the viewers will see the phrase “show more.” Not everyone feels interested in clicking it and will go to the play button. 

Tag the videos using popular keywords

The suggestion came from the people behind YouTube. They said that tags are important in letting the viewers know what the video is about. They explain the content and context of the uploaded video. However, not all tags are useful. Some of them are irrelevant. If the video used an irrelevant tag, both YouTube and Google would penalize it. The content and tags should have similarities. The keywords should also consistently appear on the heading, descriptions, file name, and tags. 

Categorize the video

After uploading the video, it’s possible to categorize it under the “advanced settings.” It helps in placing the video with similar content to other existing videos. It’s also easier to rank higher on YouTube once the video is in the right category. It would also be more visible to the target audiences. They might not see the video immediately during their first search, but there’s a chance that YouTube will recommend it to the users. Once they have already finished watching a different video, they might consider viewing what the business uploaded. Since it’s relevant content for them, they wouldn’t mind spending their time watching the video. Selecting a category might seem easy, but it’s not. It’s important to determine the other top craters within the category. It’s also important to know if there are patterns among the audiences of similar channels placed under the same category. Even other elements like production value, format, and length play a role in determining which category the videos should fall.

Improve the thumbnail

YouTube the inclusion of a thumbnail. It doesn’t necessarily have to appear on the video itself. However, these thumbnails will be on the viewers’ screen when looking at the list of videos to watch. They are important since most people will click on interesting thumbnails. If they think that it’s what they’re looking for or something is exciting for them, they will most likely click it. Image quality is important since it could affect how viewers see the thumbnail. Choose 1,280×720 pixels since it would be clear enough. The files should be 2MB or smaller. The file extensions are .jpg, .gif, .bmp, and .png. It’s important to have a verified account first before YouTube allows a custom thumbnail image.

Improve content

While all these strategies are useful in ranking higher in search engines, the priority should still be the content quality. When people want to watch a video, they need to achieve their goal. Some of them want to watch a video for educational purposes. Others do it for fun. It’s the reason behind the popularity of people who may or may not have expertise in certain areas. For some videos to be popular, they just need to appeal to the target audiences. 

For businesses, consistency is also important. It’s not enough to upload one video and optimize it. There should be an effort to release something for people to watch constantly. It will also improve how people perceive the business. By constantly releasing quality videos, they will think of the company as an authority in the industry.

eCommerce SEO companies can help 

If it’s still tricky to determine how to use YouTube to advertise a business, it’s not a problem. The eCommerce SEO companies can help. They worked with different business owners before. They also provided ideas on the best content to include in a video for advertising and educational purposes. Ranking higher in search engine results is possible, and there might be an increase in viewers soon. It’s important to keep people engaged to keep coming back to watch more Youtube videos or even patronize the brand.

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