Discover a New Alternative to Smoking

Nordic Spirit offer a vibrant new range of tobacco free nicotine pouches which can help you to feel the refreshing Nordic energy throughout your day.  Developed and created in Sweden, Nordic Spirit pouches bring a sense of freedom and adventure to hectic lives.

There are many times when we all just need to take a second to stop and breathe.  Whether you need yours before an important meeting, during a long haul flight, or just getting ready for a night on the town, Nordic Spirit’s range of nicotine pouches are the ideal solution to help adult nicotine users to take a break from their routine.

Available in a range of innovative flavours, Nordic Spirit pouches give you an instant boost of nicotine wherever you need it.  Quick and easy to use, simply slip one of the pouches under your top lip, feel the refreshing tingle as the nicotine starts to flow.  You can enjoy a steady stream of nicotine into your system for up to an hour.  Once you are finished with your pouch, simply pop it in the bin, or if you are out and about, you can use the handy storage compartment within your container.

As people are becoming more aware of traditional nicotine products such as cigarettes, it has become more important to have alternatives for those situations when smoke or vapour is not acceptable or accessible.  Nicotine pouches can be used at any time, in any place to allow you to have a moment for yourself discreetly and quickly.  With different strengths and flavours available, you can tailor your pouch use to your preferences and needs.  There’s no need to miss any of life’s important moments when you have Nordic Spirit!