Do you know how to measure the inner thigh most accurately?

To choose the right clothes and tailoring, you need to measure the inseam length, and you need to measure the inseam before doing some specific exercises (such as riding a bicycle). Let’s learn how to measure the inseam. You can do it yourself or ask someone to help. Learning how to measure the inseam will make the clothes you choose more suitable and make it easier to buy clothes. Try one of the following methods to measure the inseam. You can read more about this at or

Method 1: Use a pair of pants to measure

Choose a pair of pants. Choose a pair of pants that fit you, not too long or too short, just tight enough to make you comfortable. You will use this pair of pants to measure the inseam, so make sure it fits properly.Fold the pants in half. Fold the trousers in half vertically so that only one leg of the trousers can be seen.Flatten your pants. Put the trousers on the ironing board or on the floor, and flatten the trousers so that there are no wrinkles on them and the fold lines should be even.Use a cloth tape measure. Place the metal ends at the cross of the trouser legs.Start measuring.  Pull down the straight tape measure along the trousers until it reaches the end of a trouser leg, so that the tape measure can reach the inside of the trouser leg. This position is where the trouser legs touch the ground.Note the length of the amount. The distance from the place where the two trouser legs cross to the top of the trouser leg is the length of your inner seam.

Method 2: Use a friend to help measure the inseam

Take off your clothes and pants, you can take off more lightly. You can take off your pants or put on tight sports pants. The amount of clothes worn is generally inaccurate.Call a friend to help you measure it.Stand upright. If you stand listlessly during the measurement, the inner seam may be too short. Stand with your back against the wall to make sure your posture is correct. Take a clipboard. Clamp a clipboard, or a thin hard-cover book between your legs, as high as you can under the pubic bone. If you are a man, don’t let the key parts block the clipboard, so that you can get the true inseam length. Make sure one side of the clipboard is close to the wall.Start measuring. When standing upright, ask your friend to place the tape measure on the top of the clipboard near the intersection of the thigh and the trouser legs.Start measuring. Pull the tape measure to a place where the sole of your foot has enough ground, and the measured data is the length of your inner seam.


Remember that the ideal inseam length will vary depending on the clothes you wear. For example, when wearing pants with boots or high heels, the inseam length may need to be 2.5 to 5 cm longer than your amount, so that the trouser legs will not touch the ground. The inner seam length of shorts is much shorter than the inner seam length of jeans.

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