The Top Luxury Watches You Need To Have In 2021

Cartier Ballon Bleu

The Cartier name itself is a cause for celebration for haute couture enthusiasts. Now, add the technical sophistication of a mechanical watch to the high end luxury goods industry. The result is something that could not have been fathomed back when Cartier launched its first men’s wrist watch. Today, Cartier is a sheer icon in the luxury watchmaking.

When we talk about luxury watchmaking from Cartier, we have to talk about the Cartier Ballon bleu. The watch is a brilliant iteration of Cartier’s signature design cues and new modern elements that make this watch all the more special. The Ballon Bleu is a really amazing watch that makes the Cartier special.

Bvlgari Serpenti

The legacy of the Bvlgari Serpenti watch needs no introduction. It is a fabulous watch collection that has been there for decades now. It is quite popular among watch lovers and a sheer legend in the world of fashion and haute couture.

IWC Portofino

When it comes to luxury watches, our perception is fairly monotonous. There has to be a gold body, with ton of gems, and something that shines. But we forget that simplicity is also a part of luxury. The IWC Portofino is a great example. The watch collection is house to some of the most elegant as well as simplistic watches ever created.

Breitling Emergency II

As far as mechanical watchmaking is concerned, Breitling watches are simply too good. There are watches in the Swiss brand’s catalogue that are way ahead of their time and some are even unbeatable because of the features they offer. The watches in the brand catalogue are just brilliantly made and meticulously crafted.

One such watch is the Breitling Emergency II. The timepiece is just fabulous in every aspect. It is full fledged functional with features that are exclusive to this watch only. The watch justifies its name by offering features such as digital as well as analogue distress signals that can notify security forces if the need be. How cool is that?

Rado Captain Cook

The Rado brand has been in the watchmaking industry for a long long time. The brand has created watches that have made history. There have been watches from the watchmaker that are so atypical that you would have to think twice before calling them timepieces.

That being said, Rado has also created some truly exquisite timepieces such as the Captain Cook. The watch series is known for its vintage design cues and its classical approach towards the art of watchmaking. This is because the Captain Cook of today carries forward the blueprint of the original Captain Cook that was released in the late 20th century. Omega Speedmaster & Seamaster are very famous in men and women.

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