Earn real money gaming in the Metaverse: Best P2E games in 2022

It’s 2022, and if you still haven’t experienced online gaming, it’s high time you do. Not only are online games peaking these days, but also there are p2e games that are trending. What’s also trending is Metaverse.

What is Metaverse?

Imagine an online forum, gaming and professional settings where participants interact with an avatar or digital replica of themselves. How cool does that sound? What if you discover something similar already exists and is known as Metaverse? The Metaverse can be viewed as the next step in developing the internet.

People use avatars to represent themselves, communicate with one another, and virtually expand the community in the Metaverse. In the Metaverse, digital cash is used to purchase various products, including clothing, shielding, and weapons for video games. Users can also enjoyably and freely traverse the Metaverse using a virtual reality headset and controllers.

These days Metaverse and online gaming have combined to give users and players an enriched feeling of virtually expanding the community while not just playing but also earning through the p2e model. a

One such game is Metarun, also known as MRUN.

What does p2e mean?

P2E is the acronym for Play to Earn. There’s a P2E ECU in these games that pay you to play; here, You can also opt for a manual P2E ECU.

Metarun is one of the first metaverse games that pay real money. And not only is it a metaverse game, but it also has nft assets, making it one of the best nft metaverse games.

How to play Metarun?

Metarun is the first P2E multiplayer runner game based on blockchain with full asset ownership. With the help of NFT assets and its token, $MRUN, it develops a multi-chain gaming ecosystem that is viable for gamers and non-gamers.

The 45 unique characters in Metarun each have upgradeable NFT skins with different pricing and ROI for players. Three characters will be made initially available with the debut of the Metarun Beta, and more will be introduced soon. Users can play to earn NFTs and buy in-game products and character skins via the native cross-chain Marketplace, powered by the game’s native token $MRUN and the virtual currency OPAL.

The game comes in two modes- solo and multiplayer. Players go for cash in the game to improve skills, weapons, speed, powers and shields. With crypto infused in a game, it is undoubtedly a dynamic game that runs through mysteries and forests, making it even more impressive.

The player will have two choices and will decide whether they want to go with the offensive weapon or the defensive one.

What makes Metarun special?

It is an endless runner game, and it is available for both Android and IOS. In 2022, Metarun will be the best metaverse game to make money. Since it is a p2e game, it pays you to play, and since it is endless, it keeps going on. There’s no waiting time for lifelines or anything as such. Metaverse is trying to engage more and more players by introducing more and more p2e mobile games.

Players at different game phases can collect various artifacts. A unique NFT can then be produced by combining these. Every NFT will have its personality; some will be wearables, like upgradeable skins (which can also be purchased in the Marketplace); others will offer one-time benefits.

The scene is filled with interactive features and fine details. Each game level has been painstakingly created to offer unique visual styles pleasing to the eye. Each group also has a range of challenges that the characters must jump over, slide under, or avoid to survive.

But how do p2e games make money?

P2E, or play-to-earn, is an investing method in which a player is rewarded with a cryptocurrency that can be freely sold in exchange for other cryptocurrencies in return for NFTs, which are required to play the game. So most p2e games are also metaverse crypto games.

Apart from the above, Metarun serves as a gateway to the DeFi and NFT marketplaces, an NFT marketplace, and a multiplayer runner game for financial gain.

To establish a user-friendly ecosystem for everyone, Metarun will combine new, well-liked features such as artist donations, community chat rooms, DAO management systems, NFT staking, distributed NFTs, and royalty on artists’ assets and others.

Metarun intends to boost the liquidity of digital assets and give users access to a wide variety of new DeFi possibilities while offering a simple user experience through farming or staking on the platform.

It costs nothing to mint and list NFTs in Metarun. Similarly, users can get rewards by using the site frequently and minting, staking, and selling NFT. Reducing this fee will drastically lower costs incurred by creators while promoting ongoing adoption and innovation in the NFT ecosystem, both of which are essential to the project’s long-term sustainability.

A readily accessible environment for everyone is created by FT lending/mortgaging, distributed NFT, NFT stake/farm, royalties of creators, and lazy minting.

Additionally, Metarun will serve as a link between conventional mobile gaming and Crypto NFT gaming. Mobile games for the platform will have fun NFT assets, gaming mechanics, and competitive environments.

Features of the game

  • Metarun NFTs can get traded on the native cross-chained exchange created on the Polygon blockchain.
  • Players can embark on an infinite journey in the PvE or PVP game types. While playing, they can race, finish levels, collect awards, and accumulate $MRUN tokens.
  • By doing away with the auto-battle system, Metarun improves on traditional gaming and introduces it to the world of cryptocurrency.
  • Gamers can lend their NFT characters to other players when not in use and split the rewards.

So would you like to play an endless, mobile-friendly game for Android and IOS that pays you as you enjoy? The answer must be a yes! And if it’s a yes, all you need to do is register for the game and start playing to get a hands-on experience over Metarun. So enjoy as you run endlessly through the dark and mysterious forests of Metarun.

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