Two wigs you must try in your life


Human hair grows more slowly with age. And the hair will become more and more fragile. This is a law of nature, an irreversible fact. That’s why older people tend to lose their hair more easily, and it’s harder to get very long hair. But luckily, we can change our look with wigs. Let us still have beautiful and natural hair when we are older.

There are many high-quality human hair wigs. In terms of effect, headband wigs, u part wigs, throw on and go wigs are all good choices. In terms of color and style, short blonde bob wig, original afro style wig, natural black silky straight wig are all great styles. But it must be admitted that these wigs are not the top wigs.

This article will mainly introduce two top wigs. They are called full lace human hair wig and HD lace wig respectively. This is the wig you should try at least once in your life.

What are full lace human hair wigs

Lace wigs are divided into different types according to the area of lace. The lace wig with the smallest lace area is t part lace wig. The lace area is a square 4×4 closure lace wig, the lace area is 13×4 frontal lace wig. And the full lace wig with the largest lace area. The full lace human hair wigs introduced in this article are full lace human hair wigs made entirely of lace.

What’s the pros of full lace human hair wigs

Compared with closure lace wig, frontal lace wig, the lace area of full lace wigs is larger. So it can achieve more functions. Closure lace wigs can generally only achieve mid-part hairstyles. The frontal lace wigs with the lace area covering the forehead allow you to achieve center and side parting. The full lace wig with the lace area covering the entire head can part the hair from anywhere. More importantly, it can be tied into a high ponytail, double ponytail and other shapes. From any angle, the full lace wig is very natural and flawless.

As we all know, lace is a very light and breathable material. Compared with ordinary hair caps, lace will be more breathable and lighter. Therefore, the larger the area of your lace, the more breathable and cooler you are when wearing a lace wig. Therefore, full lace wigs are the most breathable and comfortable wigs. From the point of view of experience, full lace wigs can give you the most perfect comfort experience.

What are HD lace wigs

HD lace wigs are lace wigs that use a more advanced lace material. The main difference between it and ordinary lace wigs lies in the lace used. In addition, HD lace wigs also have stricter standards in the selection of hair raw materials. So, all in all, HD lace wigs are a more advanced and rarer lace wig.

What’s the pros of HD lace wigs

HD lace wigs have a more natural look than regular lace wigs.

From an appearance perspective, HD lace wigs usually give you a more natural look than regular similar wigs. And, this natural effect is obvious. There are two types of HD lace wigs currently on the market. A type of HD lace wigs is visually invisible by choosing a lace undertone that is more in line with the user’s skin tone. Buy these HD lace wigs and you don’t need to use makeup powder to touch up the lace part. The other Real HD lace wigs are undetectable lace wigs only provided by Luvmehair. This high-end lace wig is visually invisible through a thinner lace mesh.

What should you know before you buy them?

Clever use of afterpay can reduce the economic pressure of buying these two wigs

Because HD lace wigs and full lace wigs are very advanced and precious wigs. Therefore, their prices are also much higher than ordinary wigs. When purchasing these two types of wigs, it is often necessary to bear relatively large economic pressures. But if you buy them through afterpay wigs, you can pay in installments for a smoother transition. I mean, at least you don’t have to pay that much all at once. This will allow you to enjoy two top wigs more comfortably.