Feeling Adventurous? Try Short Bob Wigs

Everyone loves classic hairdos with long hair waterfalling down your back. It’s easy to feel beautiful, and you can’t go wrong with it. But every once in a while, you want to try the stylish bob cuts that models rock.

As long as you go with the right style, a bob cut can change your entire look. But you might be uncertain because you don’t know if it’ll flatter you or not, and you can’t exactly glue your hair back once it’s cut.

That’s where Luvme Hair wigs come in. Instead of cutting your hair and regretting it, visit this online store for a broad collection of human hair wigs to find one you love. Then, you can rock a bob whenever you want, even if it’s just for a few hours.

Choosing the Best Bob Style According to Your Face Shape

It’s easy to look at celebrities and wonder how they look good with every haircut they try. But the thing is, their hairstylists carefully select the best options according to their face shape. If you want to go for short bob wigs, it’s essential to know which goes with yours.

Heart Face

Professionals recommend bobs that build up volume for heart-shaped faces, characterized by wider foreheads, high cheekbones, and pointed chins. A shaggy lob or a thick, wavy lob looks excellent.

It’s best to go for a bob on the longer side with curtain bangs or flicks to create width.

Round Face

Most professionals will tell you to go for a long bob (lob) for round face shapes to elongate them. They should lay below the chin. And you can decide if you want a pin-straight or textured wavy lob. It’s best to go without bangs for this one.

Oval Face

Oval faces suit pretty much every type of bob. You can go for a long blunt bob, a chin-length short one, a layered bob, or even a blown-out one. Remember Jessica Alba’s iconic bob? She’s one of the most well-known examples of a short bob.

Square Face

Square faces tend to have strong jawlines, so they go best with mid-length bobs with texturized ends instead of blunt ones. Think Lucy Hale or Margot Robbie.

Choppy bobs, tapered bobs, and layered bobs look best because they add texture and help soften the face. If you want to add more style, you could also opt for a fringe with broken ends.

Pear Face

A pear face is characterized by wide jaws and narrower cheekbones and foreheads, so a classic style suits it best.

It’s best if you went for diagonally cut hair that’s shorter by the neck’s nape, with the overall length on the short side.

Why You Should Opt For Undetectable Lace Wigs

One of the biggest worries wig beginners have is whether it’ll be obvious they’re wearing a wig. For that, the best solution is to go for lace front wigs.

While regular caps have hair sewn into it, lace front wigs use a nearly invisible lace with hair hand-tied into it to give the idea of hair growing directly from the scalp. This gives off a very natural feel.

And Luvme Hair develops exclusive undetectable lace wigs that looks so natural you can hardly notice the grids, even from up close.

Unlike bobs with fringes or flicks, blunt bobs have a clean look so that a wig might look more prominent. A lace front wig will eliminate that worry and make sure no one can even tell you’re wearing one.

And if you can’t pay the price upfront, you can go for afterpay wigs that allow you to pay through 4 interest-free installments. The buy-now-pay-later option is very popular with digital-savvy consumers and can make any wig more affordable.

How You Can Care For Your Short Bob Wigs

If you want your wigs to look flawless all the time, you must take good care of them. From shampooing to conditioning and hair styling– the right products and techniques can do wonders to make your wigs last.

You should always wash your wigs with shampoo followed by a good conditioner before wearing them. Brush the hair gently, starting from the ends and slowly making your way up to the top. For styling, heat styling gives better results compared to air-drying as heat smooths the cuticle and makes it feels softer.

Luvme Hair – For All Your Haircut Needs

Luvme Hair is a leading source of wigs. Their collection of human hair wigs has selections for everyone’s taste, regardless of length or style. Whether you want glueless wigs for sensitive scalps or an easy throw-on-and-go wig for minimum hassle, you’ll find everything on their online store.

With 13 years in the industry, the store has established trust among its customers through high-quality wigs, innovative designs, and excellent customer service. There are no limits with Luvme Hair, so get your wig now!


Can I Dye My Wigs?

Yes, you can dye your Luvme wigs. Since they’re made of 100% natural human hair, you won’t have to worry about damaging them like synthetic ones.

Can you Sleep in Lace Front Wigs?

Technically, yes, you can sleep in your wig, but it’s not recommended. That’s because the friction between the pillow and hair might reduce lifespan. On the other hand, since Luvme has human hair wigs, it’ll lessen the trouble.

Still, it’s better to wear a satin or silk bonnet just to be sure.

How Many Times Can You Wear a Bob Wig?

You can wear your wig several times. Generally, a good quality human hair wig lasts for around a year or two, provided you take good care of it. As long as you follow a wig-care routine, you should be able to reuse it often.