How Are Top Brands Using TikTok To Gain New Customers?

In the upcoming era, TikTok is not only for entertaining people, and it is a fast-growing app that provides several niche information for the audience. At a later stage, brands are looking this app as an advertising opportunity. Almost 40% of viewers who engage in brand videos are likely to purchase the products or services provided on the brand’s website. Some brands utilize TikTok to the fullest potential and launch more viral TikTok campaigns. 

The campaigns you launch should create a more significant impact on the live counts. If you want to determine your views, start to utilize tiktok views counter and know how it gains users’ response. Once evaluating the content reach, more small businesses develop the effective strategies to uplift their business.    In this article, let us see some of the killer strategies to expand the audience base of some top brands on TikTok. Let’s get started!

Top Brands And TikTok

Some top brands start utilizing TikTok at the beginning stage by understanding the benefits it reaps at a later stage. In contrast, others began to make their imprints recently. There are more new ways to reach the audience on TikTok, like connecting with influencers, creating well-curated content, etc. It is time for small businesses to learn from more prominent brands and build a tremendous TikTok presence.

Learnings From Top Brands

Guinness World Records

As per statistics, Guinness world records is the most popular brand on TikTok, with 11.3 million followers worldwide. As the brand started its journey in 2019, it never fails to catch up with the trends in TikTok. The brand is always open to experiments and adapts itself to the ever-changing digital landscape. The key behind their success is that the video content they post is brand new videos based on the people’s talents. Their increasing engagement is because of the wonders they create in their videos. If you want to increase engagement for your brand, then use the tiktok likes counter to check on the live counts and modify your strategy accordingly.  

Red Bull

Red Bull is the top second most popular brand on TikTok, with over 5.2 million followers. Red bull’s ‘dance your style’ contest reaches GenZ viewers more quickly on social media platforms. As TikTok users share their dance videos as a challenge to the audience, it urges them to perform and post videos with the hashtag #danceyourstyle. It makes the best dancers and entertainers showcase their talents. It brings TikTok marketing improvisation to a new level. 


Chipotle is a top Mexican company holding 1.7M followers and 3.8 million likes on TikTok. It created a campaign #ChipotleLidFlip challenge encouraging users to take part in it. Later this challenge hits 100k people who are trying to imitate the challenge. It never stopped with a single challenge, and it continued with another #GuacDance challenge that reached over 250k video submissions. 


Duolingo with a green owl symbol on TikTok is an ed-tech company doing language tutorials. They have 3 million followers to date. Initially, the company does not focus on TikTok for popularity. Later, when some of the videos became popular, they created episodic content, initiated large-scale campaigns, etc. The successful optimization of the content and format make them hit their last video on TikTok. One of their videos, when examined on the got almost 7,00,000 likes. Moreover, their teaching methodology stands out from the competition.


NBA is already a massively popular sports brand on all social media platforms. It is no doubt that it has more followers on TikTok. This brand is more into comedy and memes. It mixes game highlights with music and inspirational quotes. This brand shows the lighter side of the sports players like their workouts, dancing on the court, etc., 


Guess is a famous global lifestyle brand with many accessories, apparel, and denim. Guess in 2018 launched sponsored fashion challenge on TikTok with the hashtag #InMyDenim. The popular users posted their ‘transformation’ videos with the guess apparel. As a result, this apparel brand has gained 111.3k followers and 559.1 K likes on its videos. 

The Washington Post 

The Washington Post is the brand creating short-form news content filled with fun and engaging information for the future generation of readers. They make a 15 seconds viral dance videos and haiku challenges where the idea pops from Dave Jorgenson, a producer and writer at The Washington Post. It has 6.4 million followers to date. It leverages young business people to improvise their brand.


Gymshark is a business brand that holds 2.4 million followers and 38 million likes on the TikTok page. This brand understands the frequency engagement strategy and ensures to post a video daily without fail. It makes Gymshark regularly gain new customers to their brand. They have content ranging from funny fitness memes to silly workout challenges. Gymshark has great adaptiveness to the trends on the TikTok. They make athletes challenges with the popular hashtags to gain more customers. If your brand wants to acquire more engagement, then you can utilize hassle-free tiktokcounter and get accurate results for live followers’ count. It will help you stay ahead of the competition.


The TikTok platform is growing tremendously, and hopping on to the trend ensures that you are not missing out on any potential customers to your brand. You can acquire organic growth and meaningful traffic through TikTok. It is a playground for creativity and community, where you can see a vast array of brands experimenting and exploring! Get inspired and gain new customers on TikTok.