How do soundcore waterproof earbuds help you while swimming?



Hydrophobic, versatile with long-lasting battery earbuds!

The versatile quality of soundcore earbuds makes them a perfect earphone brand. In this article, you will be introduced to the best hydrophobic earphones of soundcore. We are here talking about soundcore waterproof wireless earbuds — Life U2 earbuds.

They have a comfy neckband that helps to have power all day long. They provide an extraordinary music experience and 24 hours to listen to music with a single charge.

Soundcore is best for music products and is an authentic and easy-to-buy brand. You don’t need a large budget to buy these earbuds because they are pretty budget-friendly.

The perfect volume level provides a perfect effect on playtime. These waterproof wireless earbuds provide 24 hours if the volume is 60 high. It provides fast charging and a long-lasting battery. That’s enough for a day’s listening to music. You can play them for 2 hours, even with 5 minutes of charging. What more can someone wish for?

What other features would you enjoy with Life U2?

The following features are present in the Life U2 waterproof wireless earbuds.

  • The earbuds have a neckband layout that is flexible and twistable;
  • We can enjoy crystal clear calls with CVC 8.0 feature;
  • 24 hours of music play;
  • Fast charging with fast charging battery;
  • IPX7 hydrophobic quality;
  • The earbuds are magnetic;
  • USB-C charging cables provide fast charging;
  • Bluetooth facility (Wireless);
  • Ergonomically best design.


The neckband of Life U2 is flexible yet tough, so it can easily be twisted. It can be twisted around your neck and shoulder. The silicone coating with the perfect alloy (Titanium steel) makes the neckband flexible. The layout snugly fits on the neck, making it the comfy earbuds.


Life U2 does not weigh too much. It is lightweight, which is just 1.12 ounces. So, it gives you an easy and comfy way to listen to music without fatigue. The earbuds have magnetic earbuds. That means a snug fit in your ears doesn’t require much effort. They can effortlessly clip together while they are not in use. That means you can use built-in magnetics to clip the earbuds together effortlessly when you are not listening.

Outer design:

The outer design is hydrophobic, which means it is water-resistant. They can easily persist in water, snow, rain, and more. Guess what? It has an IPX7 waterproof rating. So it is best for exercise or in the gym as it is sweat-proof too.

Bass of Life U2:

The bass is so soft and doesn’t irritate your ears if you listen to music for so long. If we talk about sound quality, it provides the best sound quality. It is the best earbud pair for people who are not high-audiophiles.

Crystal clear calls:

The CVC8.0 noise reduction provides crystal clear calls. There is no resounding no noise, just the best call quality with noise cancellation ability.

Final Words:

The Soundcore Life U2 is the perfect waterproof wireless earbuds. The price tag is exceptional, and the design is so comfortable and attractive that you will be convinced to buy these earbuds as soon as possible. You can wear them while swimming as they are waterproof.

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