How does a Microwave Oven Works & why it Needs to be Repaired

A microwave oven is a handy device for quickly reheating food and defrosting food. Its breakdown brings significant discomfort to a person’s life. The most common malfunctions of microwave ovens are lack of response to the timer, weak heating, sparking while switching on, and immobility of the plate. Cyber Techno Service will help you to eliminate these and other, less significant problems. To order, select a suitable candidate, call and describe your problem so that the master will take with him the parts for a possible replacement. Their specialists successfully repair microwave ovens of almost all world brands.

You can only repair a microwave oven yourself if its owner has particular knowledge in the field of electrical engineering and electronics. But no one can guarantee a successful outcome of such manipulations. So that you do not have to buy a new device later, it is better to entrust the repair work to a qualified specialist.

How does the Microwave Work?

The life of a microwave oven is considerably related to the mechanism that heats food.

First, let’s check how the microwave oven works.

  • The internal device generates microwave;
  • Microwave irradiates food;
  • The temperature of the water contained in food rises;
  • The food warms up.

One of the causes of food rupture is that the water contained in the food is exhausted. Similarly, if you overheat it, you will feel the burning and offensive odor of the food.

How does a Microwave Heat Food?

We all remember from the school physics course that if the molecules move quickly, they hit each other and heat up, and the microwave is based on this principle. The magnetron – the central element of the microwave oven – is a unique vacuum lamp that produces microwave radiation of 2.44 GHz. Such a high frequency, acting on the water molecules, makes them rapidly oscillate and heat up; therefore, food heats up from the inside in the microwave oven.

The microwave is becoming the best helper in the kitchen for many people because it can quickly warm up lunch or dinner, prepare crispy sandwiches and delicious hot drinks, defrost meat, and even bake muffins in a mug! And how disappointing it is when a tireless worker suddenly breaks down, refusing to turn on or stopping to heat food.

When may Microwave Repair Services be Needed?

Most often, the owners of this type of household appliance begin to look for where they can repair the microwave oven at an affordable price if such problems arise.

  • The device does not turn on at all, or it works continuously, without turning off after a specified time;
  • Too weak or, conversely, intense heating occurs, which does not correspond to the selected operating mode;
  • The microwave oven makes a lot of noise during operation;
  • The pallet stopped spinning;
  • The control panel does not respond to commands.

Of course, to carry out a high-quality repair of a microwave oven, before starting work, it is required to diagnose the equipment and, if necessary, replace worn-out parts. Therefore, you should not try to repair the microwave oven on your own – it is better to contact the Microwave Oven repair near me for help immediately.

Final Thought:

Microwave ovens emit electrons and vibrate the water to warm food. The structure is surprisingly simple, and most of the markets now have an oven function that heats the inside of the oven with electric heat to cook. The number of single-function microwave ovens is relatively tiny.

Most manufacturers now offer a one-year warranty upon purchase. And by paying a few percent of the price at the retailer, you can get the retailer’s warranty (3-5 years, even ten years).