Live Betting Peculiarities


Live betting is a separate type of betting on sports events with the help of the bookmakers. Making a bet during the match or tournament requires the player to be extremely focused, to be able to analyze the decisions and mistakes of teams and athletes correctly, to predict their subsequent actions. In addition, for a successful live sports betting, you need to choose a bookmaker with optimal conditions and functionality.

How to Choose the Best Bookmaker for Live Betting?

Live bets are bets made directly during a particular sports competition. Such bets are offered by many bookmakers. They are often accompanied with live broadcasts of games.

To choose the best bookie for live betting on sports, you need to take into account several criteria:

  • the number of bets in the “live” mode;
  • the speed of the bets’ accepting and calculating;
  • video broadcasts and their number.

One of the best bookies you can find on the Net is Bet Sofa. This bookmaker provides its clients with an opportunity to place bets on popular sports events within world championships, student matches, regional tournaments. By using its services, you can make bets in pre-match and live mode. BetSofa offers to place wagers on following sports disciplines:

  • hockey;
  • football;
  • tennis; 
  • handball; 
  • volleyball;
  • boxing; 
  • basketball;
  •  biathlon, etc!

How to place live bets? During the game, the bettor needs to predict an outcome of the match or competition and quickly make a bet.

Among the advantages of live betting is playing online. You can make a bet at the same time as watching the broadcast of the match. The advantage of live betting is a quick calculation of bets, especially short-term ones. Also, changes in odds during the match with competent analysis and good intuition allow you to get favorable odds.

An important drawback when betting in live mode is the lack of time to make a decision. Also, the coverage of markets is usually much less than in the pre-match line. This often prevents you from making a profitable bet.


A lot of players prefer placing sports bets in live mode. To start placing wagers successfully, a bettor needs to choose a reliable betting platform. High-quality technical equipment – stable Internet connection, a good computer or a mobile application is also extremely important when placing wagers in live mode.

Live sports betting is a type of betting that is more suitable for experienced players who know the specifics of the sport they bet on, as well as the work of bookmakers and changes in odds.

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