How Effective is a Touchless Biometric Attendance System?

As it relates to touching surfaces, the spread of the novel coronavirus has jolted our attention to hygiene. Contact-based modalities, including the use of personal identification numbers (PINs) and keyboards, are no longer in use. The change has been abrupt and long-term. This part of the virus’s effects caught both employers and employees by surprise, and they are now looking for smart solutions.

The immediate effect of the alteration entails the suspension of touch-based time and attendance systems. Some two-factor authentication systems are being downgraded to RFID only, leaving the keyboard and biometric components that have led to greater protection. Still, since they require touching, they are now undesirable.

Touchless Biometric Systems in Demand

The trend has resulted in a decline in touch modality sales and a sharp rise in demand for touchless systems. Depending on whether they have touch sensing, biometrics attendance systems are unequally affected. Fingerprint biometric attendance systems have previously existed, but the Government of India has outlawed using such biometric attendance devices with the advent of the Corona Virus.

This has made way for touchless biometric attendance systems that come with facial recognition technology. KENT CamAttendance is one such reliable device. It is one of the best touchless biometric attendance systems to record your workers’ pictures and mark their attendance using AI-based Computer Vision.

Here are some of the amazing features of this touchless biometric attendance system:

  • Touchless

Since the pandemic took over, to curb transmission rates, the main emphasis has been on minimizing communication between people. In a workspace, a touchless attendance system helps do that effectively. To identify workers and register their attendance, it follows an AI-based face recognition algorithm.

KENT CamAttendance is a technologically superior system that operates with >99 percent accuracy in a fraction of a second. It is intended to build a quicker and more accurate attendance management system that is particularly helpful during the pandemic.

  • Real Person Detection

There is also a feature in this next-gen biometric attendance system to distinguish between a real person and an image. In this way, no deception can be committed to marking the employee’s attendance, and all the wage and payroll division procedures can therefore be conducted smoothly.

  • Mask Detection

A new role in touchless attendance systems called mask detection is motivated by the need to wear masks during the pandemic. Devices like KENT CamAttendance help detect whether the employee is wearing a mask and reminds them of it if they are not. It recognizes whether or not the individual is wearing a mask when the employees are standing in front of the unit.

As per their requirements, the organization also has an option to enable or disable this feature. If allowed, a two-step verification process will be involved in the attendance.

  • Cloud-Based Operation

This biometric attendance system is based on cloud computing technology. It stores the attendance records of employees along with other data through a cloud server. The cloud server enables an administrator or HR person at any time to update or retrieve user or employee attendance data from the cloud database. It makes the job of the HR seamless when updating leaves and comp off when processing salaries. 

A primary reason to use a touchless biometric attendance system with advanced attendance software is the COVID-19 outbreak. With the worldwide spread of COVID-19, numerous private and government organizations are now focused on enabling a secure way to verify personal identities. So, choose KENT CamAttendance and make your office time and attendance management as seamless as possible.

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