The Ultimate Guide to Manscaping at Home with a Body Groomer

If you like to take care of yourself, you must be making regular visits to the barber to make sure your hair looks prim and proper. But why not do the same for the hair present on the rest of your body too?

Undoubtedly, you will not visit your barber for such tasks, but you may visit a salon to get your chest, back, or underarms waxed. And for the hair in your nether region, you will most likely want to take care of it in the privacy of your bathroom with a body groomer. Otherwise known as ‘manscaping,’ this self-care practice has become a common part of most modern men’s grooming routines and remains a hot topic of discussion amongst the forward-thinking crowd.

Getting Started with Manscaping

In a nutshell, manscaping suggests the removal of body hair present on your – chest, back, armpits, and private areas. While the word describes the maintenance of body hair, manscaping is commonly used as a reference for cleaning the downstairs region. And naturally, since it’s a sensitive area, you must be careful. So, we recommend that instead of using a razor, you opt for a body groomer to trim the hair from any part of your body effortlessly.

We understand that whether you choose to embrace body hair or not is a personal choice and we respect that. While the term ‘manscaping’ may not resonate with you, however, the idea isn’t all that bad. Did you know that excessive body hair, such as under the arms and pubes, traps dirt and acts as a breeding ground for bacteria? That if you don’t clean your private areas properly, such bacteria give rise to body odor, sweat, and in some cases even infections? 

Yes! And thus, it becomes all the more important to keep such sensitive areas clean. In case you have never used a trimmer or a body groomer on yourself in the past, or if you are looking to change things, or are unsure where to begin, then read on. 

How to Get Started with Manscaping?

Before you start your manscaping journey, you must make sure you have the right tools to get rid of your body hair. We suggest you refrain from using scissors or manual razors for safety purposes as underarms and pubic areas are quite sensitive. 

So, if you don’t want to hurt or damage your willy, avoid using sharp tools and rather use a body groomer. While we understand that it might be challenging to select the right body grooming trimmer, you must always choose leading brands known for quality products.

We recommend exploring options for body grooming trimmers from premium brands such as Vega. They are known to offer some of the best personal grooming products that fulfill our new-age self-care requirements. Besides, using a body grooming trimmer sure is safer than using manual razors or scissors. 

Here are some essential tips to remember while manscaping with a body groomer:

  • Pre-Trimming the Area

Even if you plan to shave the area, we recommend you first start with shortening the hair length so that you can attain a smooth finish. When you use a body groomer to trim the hair short, you also prevent unwarranted itching or irritation caused due to yanking of long hair. 

  • Use A Good Body Groomer

Yes, yes. We know that this sounds obvious, but many people make the mistake of using just any body groomer. Don’t!

And refrain from using the same razor for both your face and your other body parts. Please, trust us and don’t do it. Keep a separate body grooming trimmer, especially because the nether regions are highly sensitive, and you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong down there. 

  • Start Trimming in The Same Direction as Your Hair Growth

While shaving or trimming, it’s our general reflex to always start moving in the opposite direction of the hair growth. But for sensitive areas such as the pubic region or underarms, we recommend that you shave in the hair growth direction, as the hair there is fuller and thicker. Moreover, when you trim in the direction of hair growth, there are fewer chances of any nicking or scratches. 

  • Apply an After-Shave Balm or Moisturizer

Once you’re done trimming, pat your skin dry and generously apply moisturizer to the area. Doing so will help cool and nourish your skin while also prevent bacterial build-up. Similarly, you may also use an after-shave balm or a lotion – the point is to ensure that your skin stays clean and nourished. 

Now that you know the nitty-gritty of using a body groomer, what are you waiting for?