How I Went From 0 to 70k Subscribers on YouTube in 1 Year

There are many reasons why anyone would want to start a YouTube channel for themselves. You could have something interesting to say or a talent to showcase. Many channels open up on that platform almost every day and in a variety of fields. This is why the competition of making your channel visible has also become more difficult for content- creators. You have to be relevant and fresh in your ideas in order to sustain yourself. Even though there are other channels creating similar content as you, you can still manage to figure your way onto the top.

The most important thing that you have to constantly take care of is getting more subscribers for your channel. YouTube does not give you ads and the consequent ad revenue to have more subscribers. However, you do get ad revenues for the kind of the views you get on your videos. Your subscriber count will give you a certain degree of surety of the kind of views you will get on each video. This is also how you will get sponsorships as well. Your overall view count and subscribers indicate how many people your content reaches you. It can be intimidating to start your own channel and actually watch it grow. The simple reason that many of these channels do not do well on YouTube is that they do not put in any kind of strategy in order to grow their channels. 

There are many ways through which you can go about growing your channel and still continue to create the kind of content you actually want to make for yourself. Before going into the technical aspects of growing your channel, you need to understand that growing any kind of content online is not an easy task. You will have to be patient and consistent to see any kind of improvement on your channel. This will require time and research from your end. You also have to focus on why you want to grow your channel. You will be able to approach tactics accordingly. Be it sponsorship, PR packaging or even buying subscribers on YouTube in India. There are many platforms that will help you achieve these platforms for yourself. You will have to see all your options before you purchase YouTube subscribers. See the kind of boost they actually give to your channel and invest accordingly. You will have to find ways to expand onto your audience and reach as many people as you can. The basics of your video need to be attractive and relatable for your audience. Get YouTube Subscribers, this is the only way to ensure that they will subscribe to your channel and stay for a long time. Be it a catchy introduction or a quirky aspect that is only particular to you. All these aspects will help you gain your own personality online. 

Your social media presence matters a lot because that is the only way for you to reach as many people as possible. Do not try to make videos on too many topics. Try to stick to one category only. This will help you further create a distinct character for your channel. Make sure that the thumb nails of your videos are attractive and accurate. There are many channels that create inaccurate thumbnails just to attract attention. This is only because you will get a click once but the viewer will see that the video has nothing to do with the thumbnail. This is why they may not come back to see any of your other videos. So, yes. You may get a lot of views for one video but only for a limited time. You also need to use closed captioning. They may not have value for your intended keyword, but it could have splash effects for all of the other keywords, and all the other topics you mentioned in your videos. 

Make use of all the possible tools and effects that YouTube has to offer. You can increase the quality of your videos a lot by making use of these effects. You need to add a detailed description and tags to your videos. These basic steps will also improve your visibility any time anyone searches for videos related to your content. Most of the time, the most viewed videos are the top search results, which are usually in the millions. You too will eventually get there, if you are consistent with your SEO strategy. You also have to set your videos into a playlist. These are done on the basis of your topic. But you need to create power playlists, they are organised by outcomes. You will have to show people the benefit of watching your videos. The ideal video time is more than 10 minutes. That is an optimal video time, where you will have enough time to pack in a lot of information but not overdo it. You can eventually have longer videos, depending on the topic. However, initially, it will just have to be about the kind of content you actually want to create your channel. 

All of these changes will take a year to say the least but you have to keep at it. The key with SEO is just strategy and patience. If you are stuck and do not know how to proceed further, it is best if you consult with an SEO expert beforehand. They will not only help you build the channel you want but also, the kind of brand image you want for yourself. 2021 is the best time for you to launch yourself in the online world. People want more and more fresh content every single day!    

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