Meaning, purpose and advantages of Penetration testing

Wherever goodness exists the shadow of the evil looms over too. Any technique that is devised in order to simplify the things there are many loopholes that remain unattended. Due to the occurrence of these loopholes there are many evil minds with unethical intentions who devise new techniques every day on how to make a successful plan fail or how to irritate the companies. These evil minds are hackers. Hacking has been increasing many folds due to increase in the digitization of many projects. They are hackers who have dark intentions and they take advantage of their expertise in technical knowledge and make an entry in securitized data and extract that. They gain an unauthorized access to the protected environment. They hamper the security and authenticity of the data. So, where there is evil expert there has to be someone who protects the companies from these hackers. These people are known as ethical hackers. The intention of the hackers is to commit crime but that of an ethical hacker is to protect the company from any disruption of the data.

Penetration testing is one such technique. A person can also pursue their career in this course as there are many institutions offering that. One can conduct a detailed analysis and research in this department. Since the cybercrime is touching new heights and peaks each day, we also need more of the people who ethical hackers. This stream is seeing a wide jump in few years. It is also known as pen testing. Ethical hacking is one another name that is given to penetration testing. This can also be automated. But since there is an increase in technological research penetration testing can also be performed with the help of applications that are devised by expert software engineers, application developers etc. It is completely authorized and there is nothing illegal in ethical hacking. It is kind of a cyber-attack to the computer system.

This is a system and technique of evaluation of the system in order to check the degree of security. It is totally varied from vulnerability assessment. This is such a modern technique to scan any of the foreign parties or any unauthorized access that is happening to the computer system. It also helps in scanning the potential vulnerability and keeps a lock on that. It is a technique of measuring the amount of risk that the computer system is exposed to. It is a type of audit of the computer system entirely. There is a multiple software operator that are working upon inventing various techniques of penetration testing. The process has various steps. There are certain advantages that are as follows: –

  • It is an authorized system of hacking.
  • It is an enemy to the cyber hackers.
  • It has multiple applications and techniques that can help in sustaining the authenticity of the data.
  • It helps in scanning the entire computer system if it is subject to any unauthorized access.

So, these are a multiple benefits of penetration testing and this field will develop a lot in the years to come.

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